Xeomin vs Botox: Which is Better?

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xeomin vs botox

Xeomin vs Botox: What is the Difference Between Cosmetic Injectables?

Botox is known as the best nonsurgical treatment for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. It’s our go-to choice at Smooth Synergy for many top aging concerns — from frown lines to crow’s feet to the “elevens” (glabellar lines between the eyes). But, perhaps, you’re curious about Xeomin for wrinkle reduction. And you’re wondering what’s the difference between cosmetic injectables. In our guide, Xeomin vs Botox, we’ll tell you all you need to know to figure out which one is better for you:

Who Makes Botox and Xeomin? What is the History of Cosmetic Injectables?

Botox is made by Allergan. They received FDA approval for Botox in 2002 to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe wrinkles and lines. Xeomin (by Merz Aesthetics) received a similar approval in 2010.

Are There Similarities? Which is Better?

Yes, here’s how Botox and Xeomin are similar:

  • Active Ingredient: Both Xeomin and Botox have botulinum toxin as their active ingredient, which is a toxin that this produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria.
  • Mechanism of Action: They both make use of an injection of product (called neuromodulator) to block nerve impulses to the muscles. As a result, these injections work to reduce wrinkles and expression lines on the face.
  • Safety: Both are FDA-approved and have a long track-record of being highly safe with a low risk of adverse side effects.
  • Effectiveness: Both have a long track-record of working well for the majority of patients. 
  • Onset of Results: People often want to know whether Botox or Xeomin works faster. They both have a similar onset; typically 4-6 days.
  • Maintaining Results: They are both temporary solutions for wrinkle reduction, which require a maintenance schedule.

Xeomin vs Botox: Are There Differences? Are There Studies?

The issue of difference between the brands is hotly debated. In a nutshell, no studies have shown conclusively that there are differences between Xeomin and Botox that  significantly impact either their effectiveness or safety. That said, here’s what’s out there so far:

  • Length of Results: Some studies suggest that Botox lasts longer than Xeomin. On the other hand, other studies have actually found the opposite to be true.
  • Allergic Reaction: Xeomin contains one ingredient: Botulinum Toxin A. Basically, it’s manufactured without some of the proteins that are present in Botox. Thus, some people consider Xeomin to be a more “purified” version of Botox. As a result, some believe that there’s less of a risk of allergic reaction to Xeomin. On the other hand, there’s conjecture that these proteins, which encapsulate the active ingredient in Botox, could possibly make it last longer.
  • Resistance to Product: Xeomin is what’s called a “naked injectable”, which means its manufactured without additives. On the other hand, Botox contains ingredients other than botulinum toxin. Because of this difference, some studies have shown that Xeomin runs less of a risk of long-term resistance to its product. 
  • Storage: Because Xeomin doesn’t contain additives, it doesn’t need to be refigerated, whereas Botox does. 

Botox Before and After

xeomin vs botox

Xeomin Before and After

xeomin vs botox

What is the Price? What is the Dose? How Many Units?

Both the dosage and cost of Xeomin and Botox are roughly the same. Specifically, how much Botox or Xeomin costs, as well as how many units of product needed, depends on:

  • How large the area of correction is,
  • The condition of your skin to begin with, and 
  • Your desired treatment outcomes.
Did you know cosmetic injectables can slim and reduce a square jawline? Find out more about Masseter Botox Treatment.

Xeomin or Botox: Who’s the Best Botox Injector in NYC?

Since the differences between Botox and Xeomin are still up in the air, it’s best to consult a physician to talk about your individual skincare concerns. Specifically, find a doctor with a proven track record of using botulinum toxin on many patients. In a nutshell, the experience of the doctor is more important than whether you choose Xeomin or Botox.

Where to get Botox and Xeomin Near Me? What’s the Best Botox in NYC?

Smooth Synergy’s Medical Director, Dr. George Liakeas, has over 16 years experience administering injectables in New York City. He’s not only a trusted medical physician, but has a keen eye for aesthetics. He has a knack for understanding the face and knowing where to place product to make you look your best. In fact, we’re really proud to be Platinum Providers with Allergan, which shows the large volume of injecting Dr. Liakeas does each year. Call us at 212-397-0111 to find out more about cosmetic injectables, including Botox and Xeomin, as well as our comprehensive menu of skincare and beauty treatments.

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