Voluma, Vollure, Volbella: Juvederm HA Fillers

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Juvederm, NYC

Introducing the next generation of Juvederm HA Fillers: Voluma, Vollure, Volbella. Like their predecessors, Juvederm Ultra XC and Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, these cosmetic fillers from Allergan (makers of Botox and Latisse) represent the gold standard of nonivasive treatments to add volume to the face. So how do you know which one will target your particular aging concern? Here’s our comprehensive guide to Juvederm dermal fillers. Find out what’s right for you:


What is a Hyaluronic Dermal Filler?

Before we get into the difference between Voluma, Volbella and Vollure, it’s important to understand what Juvederm HA fillers are. Each kind of Juvederm relies on hyaluronic acid (HA) as its active ingredient. This powerhouse is a naturally-occurring molecule in the body, which is designed to nourish, plump and hydrate the skin. Unfortunately, our ability to efficiently produce hyaluronic acid wanes as we get older. The result: deep wrinkles, hollows on the face and sagging skin. Juvederm HA fillers are all highly effective at combating these classic signs of aging. By replenishing hyaluronic acid under the skin, they add volume to the face and restore the skin. 

Different Hyaluronic Acid Formulas

Put simply, each Juvederm HA filler differs by particle size and molecular weight of its hyaluronic acid. As a result, HA fillers vary by consistency (e.g. thick, medium or thin), which makes each one particularly suited to combat a specific aging concern. For example, Juvederm Ultra Plus has a larger particle size and thicker consistency than Juvederm Ultra. As a result, Juvederm Ultra Plus provides a sturdier structure to the face and fills in deeper folds and wrinkles. On the other hand, Juvederm Ultra is softer and more moldable. Therefore, it’s a better option for mild to moderate volume loss or to treat delicate areas of the face, such as under the eyes.

Voluma, Vollure, Volbella: Hylacross vs. Vycross Technology

The new kids on the block, Voluma, Vollure, Volbella, differ in how the HA molecules are arranged in their formulas. Their predecessors, Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus provide a hyaluronic acid in a single consistency and uniform molecular weight. Allergan refers to this as Hylacross technology. On the other hand, Voluma, Volbella and Vollure take advantage of Vycross technology. This means these cosmetic fillers combine higher and lower weights of hyaluronic acid in a single formula. By varying weights, Voluma, Volbella and Vollure are able to act like both a thin and a thick filler to a certain extent.

Volume, Vollure, Volbella: The Difference Between These HA Fillers

These three Juvederm HA fillers all use Vycross technology, so how are they unique? Specifically, they vary by their ratio of high to low weight HA particles. For example, Voluma offers the thickest formulation (e.g. a larger percentage of higher weight HA particles). Therefore, Voluma is ideal for providing sturdy structure for volume loss in the cheek area. On the other hand, Vollure offers a happy medium. By providing both durability and moldability, it works to plump up areas of the face, such as nasolabial folds, without compromising motion of the face. The thinnest HA filler is Volbella. It’s highly effective at filling fine lines, plumping lips and smoothing the under-eye area.

Voluma, Vollure, Volbella: Are These Next Generation HA Fillers Right for You?

Even with the detailed explanations above, the differences between all Juvederm HA fillers remain subtle. For example, Vollure and Juvederm Ultra are both indicated for smoothing smile lines and adding volume to nasolabial folds. So how do you know which dermal filler will help you achieve your aesthetic goals? That’s where an experienced  practitioner comes in. It’s more important to find a provider with medical training, knowledge of facial anatomy and a keen eye for aesthetics than to master the science behind each particular filler. Now, your doctor has an arsenal of specialized fillers and has more choices than ever before. More options at his fingertips means he can personalize a treatment plan based on your particular aging concerns and individual skincare needs. You can and should rely on his judgment to recommend a filler that’s right for you.

Voluma, Vollure, Volbella at Smooth Synergy NYC

At Smooth Synergy, we offer a comprehensive menu of skin-restoring treatments that includes the complete line of Juvederm HA fillers, including Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, as well as Voluma, Volbella and Vollure. Call us at 212-397-0111 to discuss your aging concerns with an expert in beauty. We’re here to create a treatment plan that meets your skincare goals.

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