Ultherapy: Before and After Care

Ultherapy: What to Know Before and After Ultherapy Treatment

At Smooth Synergy Medical Spa, NYC, we consider you an equal partner in the success of your Ultherapy skin tightening treatment. In order to achieve optimal Ultherapy results, please review our Pre and Post-Care Instructions for Ultherapy:


Two Weeks Before Ultherapy

  • Refrain from use of excessive or unnecessary blood thinners.
  • Refrain from Botox or other cosmetic injectables, as well as dermal fillers.


Three Days Before Ultherapy

  • If you are prone to cold sores, notify the physician, who will prescribe a course of antiviral prophylactic treatment.

The Day of Ultherapy Procedure

  • For male clients: arrive at the appointment clean shaven.
  • Take 800mg of Ibuprofen one hour prior to treatment.
  • Be sure to eat a small meal prior to treatment.
  • If you elect to receive anti-anxiety medicine, such as Xanax, (which we highly recommend), the physician will provide it to you on-site.
  • Pro Nox self-administered analgesic is available to reduce pain and anxiety.
  • If opting for anti-anxiety medication, arrange for transportation home following treatment.

Ultherapy Aftercare

  • Allow up to two hours for anti-anxiety medication to wear off. Be sure you feel steady on your feet, before engaging in any activity.
  • Showering and cleansing the skin are allowed, once medication has worn off. A gentle cleanser may be used on the treatment area. Apply it to the fingertips with tepid water and use gentle, circular motions on the skin.
  • Refrain from tanning or prolonged sun exposure for two weeks after the procedure. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to the treatment area for up to two weeks to avoid incidental sun exposure.
  • Sleep propped on several pillow for two to three nights to allow the anesthetic to be released from the skin.


  • Comfort Measures:
    • Ibuprofen, acetaminophen or Aleve are appropriate for swelling or discomfort.
    • Antihistamines, like Benadryl and Zyrtec, may be used for minor itching.
    • For up to 48 hours following treatment, cool packs or ice can relieve minor discomfort and reduce swelling and bruising. Ice for a maximum of 20 minutes per hour. After 48 hours, switch to hot packs.
    • Arnica Gel may be used for bruising.
    • If extreme swelling or any unforeseen symptoms occurs please contact Smooth Synergy at 212-397-0111

Post-Treatment Expectations

  • You may return to normal activity after any anti-anxiety medication has worn off.
  • Most side effects from the treatment should not be cause for alarm. Symptoms are usually minor and should subside in time, as a normal part of the healing process. They may be alleviated with simple measures, as described above.
  • Immediately following treatment, your skin may appear flushed, which usually subsides within several hours.
  • It is normal to experience swelling and bruising for up to a week.
  • Tingling, soreness, numbness and tenderness (especially under the jowls) may occur for up to two to three weeks.
  • The procedure runs a slight risk of temporary welts that usually heal within a few days, if a superficial transducer is used.
  • Blisters are extremely rare. If any develop, please call Smooth Synergy at 212-397-0111.
  • If you are concerned about any aspect of your post-treatment recovery, please call Smooth Synergy at 212-397-0111.

Ultherapy Results

  • Immediately following the procedure, you may notice a tightening and toning of the skin.
  • You will definitely see lifting, tightening and toning results in 3-6 months. Most clients see results within two months.
  • Your skin will continue to transform for up to a year, as collagen continues to build in the treatment area.
  • Treatment results should be assessed after six months. A maintenance treatment may need to be performed, depending on the laxity of the skin before treatment and your desired treatment outcomes.