Restylane Kysse NYC

Restylane Kysse NYC: Best Lip Filler

Looking to leave lip lines behind? Or, perhaps, you’d like to plump up your pout? For both a natural look and feel, the best lip filler around is Restylane Kysse. With proprietary XpresHan technology, it represents a major innovation in lip fillers. Here’s all you need to know about creating (dare we say it?) “kysseable” lips! It’s possible with Restylane Kysse Filler and Smooth Synergy NYC!

Benefits of Restylane Kysse Filler
  • Safe, effective and FDA-approved
  • Minimally invasive alternative to surgery
  • Produces a natural look and feel
  • Shapes or adds volume to the lips
  • Restores a thinning lip for a youthful appearance
  • Diminishes vertical wrinkles

Restylane Kysse Before and After


Restylane Kysse is specifically designed to add soft and natural volume to the lips. In fact, it’s one of the few FDA-approved filler for lip augmentation. The hallmark of Restylane Kysse is its smaller particle size, which is ideal for fine, detail work on the face. It will work to enhance lip fullness, while simultaneously eliminating the fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth, called perioral wrinkles. 

Restylane Kysse makes use of Hyaluronic Acid as it’s active ingredient. HA is a naturally occurring molecule in the body that’s responsible for maintaining moisture levels in the skin and keeping it plump. As we age, we produce less of it. An HA filler will reverse this loss and replenish the skin. 

The Kysse innovation is something called XpresHan — a revolutionary and proprietary technology that allows the HA to seamlessly integrate into the skin for expression in motion. As you move your mouth, the soft, gel-like Kysse product will move along with the lips. As your expression changes, it will stretch and return. Because of this superior ability to mold to your own tissue, the result will feel more natural to you and look more natural to everyone else. This represents a true advancement over older fillers for lips, which often felt foreign, uncomfortable and stiff in the highly-mobile mouth area. 

Yes! This is news that you and your lips can celebrate. Galderma, the powerhouse behind fillers like Restylane Defyne, Refyne, Lyft and Sylk has been available on the international scene for a while. In May 2020, it received FDA approval for Resytlane Kysse.

As always, individual pain tolerances vary. That said, the lip area is especially sensitive, which is why lidocaine is included as a numbing ingredient in Kysse product. Additionally we inject the product with a super fine needle to minimize pain.

Treatment with dermal fillers has been done safely and effectively on millions of patients over many years. Specifically with Kysse, there’s typically no downtime following injections. The use of a super fine needle minimizes side effects; however, following any injection (even for the flu), there’s a slight risk of causing bruising or swelling. If either occur, they typically resolve in a few days. Ice packs or arnica gel can minimize them, respectively.

Studies have shown that Restylane Kysse requires 20% less product to achieve the same results as other fillers. Additionally, there’s research that has shown that it lasts longer than other lip fillers. These two factors, in effect, mean the Kysse cost is less than other fillers. That said, how many Kysse syringes depends on the area treated, as well as the correction desired. In general, we suggest scheduling a complimentary consultation to determine the cost of treatment.

Research has shown that around 90% of patients were satisfied with their lips eight weeks after treatment. Results included improving lip fullness and the appearance of lines. Results are typically maintained for 6-12 months, at which time additional treatment is required to maintain results.

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