Professional Eyebrow Tinting NYC

Eyebrow Tinting NYC: Beautiful Brows are a Tint Away

Looking for a way to quickly switch up your look? Want an easy way to make your eyes pop? Eyebrow Tinting offers a maximum impact on your look with a minimum commitment of time and money. So define your brows, create a polished look and get flawless face framers, courtesy of our professional eyebrow specialists.


A licensed esthetician will consult with you about the look you desire for your eyebrows and, together, you will figure out what tint color is right for you. Once this is achieved, an Eyebrow Tinting session only takes only a few seconds or minutes.

Color fade, as well as brow hairs at the end of their monthly growth cycle, make touch-ups necessary. We recommend coming in for a treatment once a month.

Our professional estheticians are also skilled at Eyebrow Shaping and Eyelash Tinting, as well as Eyelash Extensions to complement your treatment. Ask us about these additional services to enhance your eyes.