Professional Eyebrow Shaping NYC

Eyebrow Shaping NYC: Sculpt a Beautiful Brow

Tired of untamed brows? Need relief from maintaining your look? Want flawless face framers out of the pages of a beauty magazine? Our estheticians can sculpt a beautifully-shaped brow with professional waxing and tweezing. There’s no easier way to add big impact to your face without a big investment of time and money.


Our licensed estheticians take an architectural approach to Eyebrow Shaping. One of our brow artists will analyze your facial structure and recommend a particular brow shape. She will take your desired outcomes for your brows into consideration and, together, you will decide on a brow look that’s right for you. Once this is achieved, a treatment takes about 15 minutes.

New brow hair growth makes maintenance necessary, so book an eyebrow shaping treatment every 2-3 weeks.

Our professional estheticians are also skilled at Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting, as well as Eyelash Extensions to complement your Eyebrow Shaping treatment. Ask us about these additional services to enhance your eyes. What are you waiting for? Smooth Synergy has a menu of the best spa treatments in New York to help you achieve the beautiful look you desire, every day. Take the time for you!