Microcurrent Body Lift Treatments

Microcurrent Body Lift NYC: As Featured on The Bethenny Show

Oh those pesky signs of aging – cellulite, distended stomach, lumpy contours. Does it seem like no amount of diet and exercise gets rid of those ripply, bumpy fat deposits on the body? It’s time to jumpstart the body’s natural regenerative processes — just like a workout would. Our Microcurrent therapy is a highly-effective treatment to strengthen muscles, remove toxins and bring back your youthful definition. Get set to restore and revitalize with the Microcurrent Body Lift, New York City!

Benefits of Microcurrent Body Lift
  • Quick and easily tolerated
  • FDA cleared
  • No downtime
  • Noninvasive alternative to Liposuction
  • Improves lymphatic drainage
  • Promotes cellular turnover and collagen production
  • Smooths the surface of the skin
  • Lifts and defines the body
  • Reveals a shapely contour
  • Targets stubborn cellulite


Microcurrent Body Lift is a great spot treatment to combat the effects of aging that lead to saggy, loose skin and lost definition on the body. It works by mimicking your body’s own electrical currents and delivering a very low-voltage of precise electrical current to deep levels of the skin and muscle. As a result, it restores the natural energy in the tissue.

People often refer to the Microcurrent process as a “workout for the body”. The reason is that the energy delivered deep within the skin has a superior ability to stimulate the skin, fat, muscle and connective tissue, as well as the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Just like the results of a routine exercise regime, it’s highly effective for sculpting and tightening loose skin, restoring body contour, as well as toning and strengthening the muscle.

We all know the hallmarks of cellulite: dimples on the butt; inner thigh fat pockets; ripply, bumpy thighs that resist our efforts to diet and exercise. So why does it happen in the first place? Cellulite forms when dermal elasticity is lost in the criss-cross network of connective tissue, as well as when excess fat is stored in the subcutaneous layer of fat below the skin.

It’s largely genetic, although weight gain and aging can also exacerbate cellulite. Specifically, weight gain can push on and weaken connective tissue, which can make cellulite deposits appear more prominent. Additionally, aging results in hormone fluctuations, which slow collagen production, weaken connective tissue and cause blood vessel receptors to work less efficiently. This results in decreased blood circulation, as well as less oxygen and nutrition reaching the area. Toxins begin to build up in the fat cells. Then, the enlarged fat cells protrude through weakened connective tissue, making cellulite more visible.

Unfortunately, once cellulite develops, it has a tendency to protrude and  linger, in the form of distinct pockets of fat and cellulite dimples on the body.

Our technicians use one of the best Microcurrent devices available. Called the Diamond Dynamic Waveform Therapy Program, it amplifies your body’s own abilities to help reverse decline. A Microcurrent session is actually quite simple and completely noninvasive. It takes anywhere from 60-90 minutes. Adhesive pads are placed on the target area and precise doses of energy from the Microcurrent device are delivered to the skin and muscle. Patients usually experience a tingling, pulsing sensation, and many remark that it feels like a “workout for their backside”.

You will notice immediate results after your first session. The skin in the target area will be smoother, tighter and more toned. After a series of sessions, collagen and elastin will develop. As a result, you will see increased skin elasticity and a youthful definition to the body. Blood circulation in the area will increase and lymphatic drainage will be promoted, which will remove toxins from the body and aid in fat metabolism. In addition, regular exposure to Microcurrent can actually train the muscle to stay taut.

We can tighten and tone even the most stubborn areas, including the arms, legs, buttocks and abdominals. Additionally, Microcurrent offers a distinct advantage over other fat reduction programs. Treatment plans can be customized to target your specific areas of concern. Programs can provide either a detoxifying, lymphatic drainage effect for cellulite, or a lifting and toning benefit for saggy and crepey skin, as well as a combination of both.

The Microcurrent therapy is delivered to the skin and muscle through pads placed on strategic areas on the body. The esthetician will adjust the levels, according to your own feedback. So you are completely in control of how a session feels. Additionally, the treatment has no downtime and you can return to normal activity immediately following the procedure.

A Microcurrent Body Lift  is noninvasive, so it is considered a pain-free alternative to liposuction. Microcurrent is a generally safe procedure and Microcurrent side effects are rare. However, there’s a small risk of drowsiness and nausea occurring following the procedure. Rarely, bruising may occur. Further, there are a few Microcurrent contraindications. People with seizure disorders, implanted electrical devices, such as pacemakers or hearing aid, as well as women who are pregnant should avoid Microcurrent treatment.  

Some smoothing, toning and lifting benefit can be seen immediately; however, most clients choose to come in more regularly to target stubborn areas of cellulite or loose, distended skin. We generally recommend a series of six or more sessions, followed by a maintenance program to be determined by you and the esthetician.

Microcurrent treatment cost depends on the extent of the treatment area, as well as desired treatment outcome. It’s best to speak with a skincare professional at Smooth Synergy, who will assess your needs and can advise about the price of treatment.

Our Manhattan medical spa offers cutting-edge technology to turn back the years in non-invasive, non-surgical procedures. Specifically, Microcurrent Therapy can strengthen muscles and bring back the sculpted look you desire. At Smooth Synergy, you really can turn back time. Call us at 212-397-0111 to find out whether a Microcurrent Bodylift is right for you, or whether one of our other proven body treatment, including Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation or Thermo Trim Body Wrap, will address your needs.