Laser Hair Therapy Treatments

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) NYC: Beautiful, Voluminous Hair

Receding hairline? Pattern hair loss? Thinning hair?  In our lifetimes, 50% of women will be affected and 80% of men — resulting in both the loss of hair and confidence. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a cutting-edge hair loss treatment that’s just one of three treatments approved by the FDA. Safe, effective, nonivasive and chemical-free, LLLT or Laser Hair Therapy offers a superior choice to stop hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth. After all, our hair is considered our crowning glory. Let’s keep it that way with Low Level Laser Therapy,  NYC!

Benefits of Laser Hair Restoration
  • Quick, safe, effective
  • FDA approved
  • No downtime
  • Promotes blood circulation to scalp
  • Encourages stem cell growth
  • Stimulates production of ATP
  • Blocks DHT
  • Decreases hair shedding and hair loss
  • Improves hair thickness and density
  • Increases hair count
  • Repairs the quality of the hair shaft
  • Enhances the manageability and color of hair


Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) uses a cold laser technology to deliver light energy directly to the scalp. Research has shown that the particular wavelength of light energy used during an LLLT session has a regenerating effect for the hair. It works by stimulating blood circulation on the scalp and delivering greater nutrient and oxygen supply to the hair follicles. As a result, LLLT improves the quality of hair, stops the progression of hair loss and encourages new hair growth — leading to better volume, texture and thickness of hair for both men and women. 

Through the use of diode lights, Low Level Laser Therapy can work to slow the rate of hair loss, decrease hair shedding, improve the thickness and density of hair, increase hair count, repair the quality of the hair shaft, enhance hair color and create more manageable hair. You will see some results immediately; however, it’s important to note that it takes time for the hair follicle to heal, as well as to remember just how slowly hair grows in the first place. The full benefit of Laser Hair Therapy is usually seen after six months to a year.

Low Level Laser Therapy (also known as LLLT, LED Laser Light Therapy, cold laser, biostimulation, photobiomodulation and red light therapy) takes advantage of low power lasers or light-emitting diodes (LEDs). As opposed to high-power lasers that can cut skin, low power lasers or LEDs are used to relieve pain and/or stimulate cell function. They were discovered by accident by Endre Mester, MD in 1960. He was attempting a study that used laser energy to reduce tumors, only to find that the low-level ruby light he was using actually worked to regrow hair instead.

LLLT uses a specific wavelength of light that has a superior ability to be absorbed by the hair follicle. These photons of light are highly effective at encouraging blood flow to the scalp. This jumpstarts a whole host of regenerative processes in the body that benefit the hair. For example, stronger network of blood vessels (increased vascularization) ensures greater distribution of nutrients and oxygen to the scalp. As a result, an increase in the production of adenosine triphosphate or ATP (the fuel responsible for running the cells) promotes epidermal stem cell production that’s necessary for hair growth. Additionally, a testosterone derivative, called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for hair loss, is inhibited. By preventing the build-up of DHT in the hair follicle, the length of time that the hair spends in the growth phase (or anagen phase) lengthens, which prevents hair loss and encourages hair growth.

The procedure is actually quite simple. Each session is 30 minutes and consists of placing the scalp under infrared-emitting laser diodes. You can even read a magazine or check your email, while having an LLLT treatment. The LED machine does all the work, while you relax.

LLLT is a completely noninvasive, chemical-free procedure, which means that you can return to normal activity immediately following treatment, including washing hair. There’s also no pain, heat or burning associated with LLLT, because it’s a cold laser.

LLLT  is effective for hair loss for everyone. It’s safe and highly effective for treating male and female pattern hair loss, can stop or slow thinning hair and hair shedding, as well as reduce signs of baldness. It shows efficacy for people with alopecia areata (female) or androgenic alopecia (male), which is hair thinning along the top of the head that is genetically predetermined. LLLT also offers a solution for hair loss caused by other factors including: aging, disease, stress, metabolic changes (such as iron deficiency) or hormonal imbalance. It may be used for hair reduction on the scalp, eyebrows or beard.

Laser Therapy for hair restoration generally takes at least six months at 1-2 sessions a week. Noticeable improvements can be seen in as little as 12 weeks. Currently, the only permanent solution for hair loss is hair transplantation. There are three standard treatments for hair loss that are FDA approved, including Minoxidil, Finasteride and Low Level Laser Therapy.

The cost of Low Level Laser Therapy depends on the extent of the treatment area, as well as the desired treatment results. It’s best to speak with a skincare professional at Smooth Synergy, who can assess your needs and make a determination of the price of LLLT.

Smooth Synergy offers only the most advanced technologies to restore hair. Along with Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Smooth Synergy is an experienced provider of Vampire Hair Restoration. The two treatments are often used in synergy to provide superior hair regrowth results. Call us at 212-397-0111 to request a private consultation with one of our skincare professionals. Our NYC spa consultants can help you choose the best hair therapy for you. It’s time to let your hair down.