Eyelash Tinting Treatments NYC

Eyelash Tinting in New York City: Put Away the Mascara

Looking for deep, rich color and definition for your eyelashes? Want a way to quick way make your eyes pop, while saving on mascara for weeks? Our eyelash tinting treatment gives you the look you want without the smudging, running problems of mascara. This low-maintenance spa treatment guarantees dark color that lasts, transforming barely-there lashes to luscious and dark, courtesy of our professional Eyelash Specialists.


A licensed esthetician will consult with you about your desired look for your eyelashes and, together, you will figure out what tint color is right for you. Once this is achieved, an session only takes only a few minutes.

Color fade, as well as the eyelash growth cycle, make Eyebrow Tinting touch-ups necessary. We recommend coming in for an Eyelash Tinting treatment once a month.

Our professional estheticians are also skilled at Eyebrow Shaping and Eyebrow Tinting, as well as Eyelash Extensions to complement your Eyelash Tinting treatment. Ask us about these additional services to enhance your eyes. What are you waiting for? Smooth Synergy has a menu of the best spa treatments in New York to help you achieve the beautiful look you desire, every day. Take the time for you!