Best Ultherapy Face Treatments in NYC

Best Ultherapy Treatment: Ultherapy for Face by Smooth Synergy in NYC

If you’re considering Ultherapy, you’ve picked the best noninvasive skin tightening treatment around. And Smooth Synergy Medical Spa in NYC has unparalleled experience in using it to restore a younger appearance to the face. Here’s all you need to know about Ultherapy Face Treatment:

Ultherapy Facelift Treatment Benefits
  • The only FDA-cleared noninvasive treatment to lift, smooth and tighten
  • Nonsurgical alternative to cosmetic surgery
  • Relies on safe, time-tested Ultrasound
  • No downtime
  • Rejuvenates collagen
  • Restores volume
  • Minimizes wrinkles
  • Reaches the same foundational layer of skin as a facelift

Ultherapy Before and After

Ultherapy for Face FAQs

If you’re looking for a facelift alternative, Ultherapy (aka Ulthera) is the gold standard. By utilizing safe, time-tested Ultrasound technology, it bypasses the surface of the skin, depositing tiny amounts of energy to clearly-defined depths under the skin. As a result, the body jumpstarts the skin’s regenerative process from the inside out. This process stimulates new collagen and elastin production, as well as encourages cellular turnover. Over time, volume is restored to the face, and the skin is tightened and toned.

Using patented Deep See technology, the practitioner can respond to  feedback from an image on a screen that visualizes the deep layers of tissue. As a result, she can deliver precise amounts of energy to reach the layers of the face at three different depths. Only Ulthera can offer the advantage of being so targeted, while reaching so many foundational layers of tissue. 

Ulthera has been scientifically proven to significantly lift, tighten and smooth wrinkles on the face. At the end of one study, 82.1% of the subjects had qualitative, significant improvement, and 75.0% saw improvement in their face and/or neck as early as day ninety. For the ideal candidates with mild to moderate skin laxity, the average amount of lift was exceptional, at 45.2 mm.

You will see skin tighten and lift gradually, most noticeably between 2-6 months after treatment, as well as over the next year. Specifically, Ulthera for either lower face or full face results in:

  • Smoothing sagging skin
  • Tightening skin on the face
  • Restoring lose volume
  • Improving skin’s texture
  • Minimizing the appearance of wrinkles
  • Repairing and rejuvenating skin’s appearance.

Ultherapy facelift results can last up to five years. However, how long it lasts depends on the genetic predisposition to aging and lifestyle factors of the patient. Likewise, there’s no permanent skin tightening solution, due to the natural aging process.

Pain is usually not associated with Ulthera; however, comfort levels are individual. Any discomfort during treatment usually dissipates quickly. Our experienced and licensed technicians are highly-trained in how to make the procedure as pain-free and comfortable as possible. Most patients report that any mild discomfort experienced due to the heat of the Ultrasound energy is worth the benefit that Ultherapy treatment provides for the skin.

We are aware of the reports in the news of Ultherapy bad results. We value the opportunity to respond. Generally speaking, Ultrasound is a safe, time-tested treatment. However, it’s important to note that the Ulthera device is only as good as the person using it. That’s why is extremely important to have treatment done by a reputable Medical Spa and a skilled practitioner. It’s the best and only way to assure that the risks that lead to fat loss are avoided, such as overheating or reaching the wrong depth of the tissue.

Most side effects from the treatment should not be cause for alarm. Specifically, symptoms are usually minor and should subside in minimal time, as a normal part of the healing process. Further, they may be alleviated with simple measures, such as Ibuprofen. Immediately following treatment, your skin may appear flushed, which usually subsides within several hours. Additionally, it is normal to experience mild tenderness, bruising and swelling after Ulthera for up to a week. Further, tingling, soreness, numbness and tenderness (especially under the jowls) may occur for up to two to three weeks.

Smooth Synergy Medical Spa in NYC has been in business since 2002. This experiences gives us a distinct advantage in delivering the top Ultherapy results your looking for. Call us at 212-397-0111 to speak with an Expert in Beauty. She will provide a complementary consultation and help you decide whether Ultherapy for face is right for you.