Gummy Smile Botox Treatment in NYC

Best Botox in NYC: Botox for Gummy Smile

You want your smile to shine. But, if too much gum is getting in the way, there are non-invasive alternatives to surgical procedures that can help. Botox is one of the best treatments for correcting a thicker gum line or excess gum tissue. And Smooth Synergy is your go-to source for all you need to know. Learn more in our guide: Gummy Smile | Botox Correction in NYC:

Botox Before and After

It's been about 8 days since I've had Botox in my forehead, and crow's feet. Dr George rocks! He did a great job. I loved it and so does my husband. Goodbye wrinkles!!!

Blair S.

Botox for Gummy Smile FAQs

Dentists have come to the consensus that two millimeters of gum line should ideally show when you smile. If more of your gums are exposed, you may have what’s known as gummy smile. Genetics are largely to blame with causes, including:

  • Teeth that are too small
  • An excessive overbite
  • A short upper lip
  • A jaw bone that’s grown too high vertically on the face

Although an off-label use, Botox has good efficacy for treating a gummy smile. It’s particularly warranted when the muscle in the upper lip is extremely strong. By weakening the muscle, Botox will inhibit the upper lip from curling back too far. As a result, less of the gum line will be revealed and your smile will look more natural.

The procedure for gummy smile is very similar to other areas of the face. It’s a quick 10-20 minute procedure, which requires no incisions and makes use of super-fine needles. For gummy smile, Botox injection points are typically on the upper lip at the corners of the mouth. 

With the muscles of the lips more relaxed, the lips will more easily cover the gum line. This effect will last from 3-6 months, at which time Botox results are maintained with additional treatment.

In general, the goal of the Botox for gummy smile is to relax the muscles around the mouth locally, while assuring the mouth still moves. What that means is that a small amount of Botox is needed. Therefore, it, typically, costs less than other areas, such as Botox for frown lines around the forehead. That said, Botox price and units always depends on your desired treatment outcomes. 

In general, Botox is considered safe. Although, because the mouth is an area that needs to remain mobile, it’s important to seek treatment from a reputable medical spa and a doctor with experience using injectables. This is the best way to avoid the risk of an assymetrical smile or an inability to pucker the lips.

You’re most likely looking for one of the best Botox doctor in NYC. You’ve found him here! Smooth Synergy’s Medical Director, Dr. George Liakeas, has over 15 years experience administering injectables and holds the distinction of being an Allergan Platinum Provider. He’s not only a trusted medical physician, but has a keen eye for aesthetics. He has a knack for understanding the face and knowing where to place Botox and other injectables, in order to give you natural-looking results.  Call Smooth Synergy at 212-397-0111 to find out more about cosmetic injectables including Botox, Dysport and Xeomin, as well as our comprehensive menu of skincare and beauty treatments.