Tween / Teen Facial Treatments

Tween / Teen Facial NYC: Detoxify Youthful Skin

Being a tween/teen can be tough. Hormones kick into overdrive and skin usually pays the price. Knowing how to care for problematic skin and learning about what things can damage or scar it indefinitely is the focus of this NYC teen facial.

Designed for sensitive younger skin, our tween/teen facial clears up and controls oily skin and breakouts. Gentle products combined with steaming, cleansing and extracting are designed to balance the skin. Smooth Synergy’s NYC teen face treatments have the added component of in-depth education – explaining how you can best care for your skin and which products are best for you, freeing you from the guesswork of the myriad of available products.

  • Designed to meet the unique needs of younger skin.

  • Our Tween / Teen Facial includes a cleansing and steaming with gentle ingredients.

  • We follow with extractions with high-frequency to minimize inflammation and oxygenate the skin.

  • Best of all, our teen face treatments come with in-depth education, taking the guesswork out of choosing products and treatments.

  • Teens leave with a smooth and clear complexion, as well as a better understanding about how to care for their skin.  

  • For best skin results, come in every six weeks, or every three to four weeks for more problematic skin.
  • All of our Facial Treatments offer deep cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing treatments to provide visible benefits for your face.
  • Our licensed estheticians offer the perfect synergy of innovative ingredients and masterful techniques to provide you with radiant skin. 
  • They are highly skilled and have extensive knowledge about all skin types and tones.
  • They will customize the teen facial according to your individual skin type and needs.
  • Gentle products are used, combined with steaming, cleaning and extraction for a beautiful result.
  • A teen facial is the first step toward learning how to deal with problematic skin.
  • Our goal is to give you both fresher, cleaner, clearer skin and the knowledge about how to keep it that way.

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What Sets Smooth Synergy Apart?

  • Established in 2002, as one the first Medical Spas in NYC
  • Cutting-edge cosmetic services
  • Creators of beauty treatments like the Fanny Facial
  • True synergy including layering skincare modalities
  • Respect for your individual skincare goals (no judgments)
  • Experienced, licensed estheticians
  • Medical Director, Dr. George, on site, ready to meet your skincare needs
  • Real solutions and superior results

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