Restylane Types | Products, Uses & Difference by Filler

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Restylane Types

Restylane Types | Products, Uses & Difference by Filler

What are the different types of Restylane fillers? What are their uses? It’s no surprise that we get asked these questions a lot. After all, the Restylane brand can be used across the entire face. From lip enhancing to cheek filling to wrinkle smoothing, there’s a face filler that’s right for everyone. However, with all these differences, you might be feeling overwhelmed. That’s where Smooth Synergy NYC comes in! In today’s post, we’ll compare top Restylane types, as well as explain how to get the best results from injectables for each part of the face:

What’s the Difference Between Restylane Fillers?

Before we discuss the difference between Restylane fillers, let’s discuss their similarities. All Restylane products feature Hyaluronic Acid  (HA) as their active ingredient. In fact, there are several brands of HA facial fillers. These cosmetic fillers include:

  • Restylane (Galderma): Restylane Lyft, Contour, Defyne, Refyne, Silk, Kysse
  • Juvederm (Allergan): Juvederm Ultra, Voluma, Volbella, Vollure
  • Belotero (Merz): Belotero Intense, Volume, Balance and Soft

What is Hyaluronic Acid (HA)? How Does It Impact Skin Aging?

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a naturally-occuring substance in the body. It keeps the skin plump and hydrated. With age, we produce less HA. When HA depletes, so does collagen and elastin. As a result, the criss-cross network under the skin loses its ability to support the face effectively. Specifically, this causes wrinkles, sagging skin, hollows and folds, that can include:

  • A Drooping Brow
  • Under-Eye bags / Sunken Eyes
  • Mid-face volume loss
  • Sagging Jowls
  • Forehead Line or Surprise Lines (run horizontally across the length of the brow)
  • Eleven’s Lines AKA 11’s, Glabellar Lines or Frown Lines (run vertically between the brow)
  • Bunny Lines or Bunnes (run horizontally at the bridge of the nose)
  • Crow’s Feet AKA Periorbital Wrinkles or Smile Lines (at the corners of the eyes)
  • Nasolabial Folds or Smile Lines (form parentheses around the mouth from from the bridge of the nose to the mouth)
  • Marionette Lines (extend vertically from the bottom lip to the chin)

How Does HA Work in A Dermal Filler? What Results Can I Expect?

When an HA dermal filler is injected under the skin, it works to instantly and temporarily replenish lost HA. As a result, volume loss is restored for a youthful appearance, such as:

  • Filling in facial folds and creases
  • Enhancing shallow contours
  • Softening lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothing the skin

What are the Different Types of Restylane Fillers? What Restylane Type is Best for Me? 

The Restylane family offers multiple formulations. Each varies by its molecular makeup. In layman’s terms, that means that some cosmetic fillers have a softer structure, while others have a sturdier structure. As a result, each formulation is suited for a different area of the face. Let’s break it down further by filler types:

Product and Uses: Restylane Lyft and Restylane Contour

Restylane Lyft  and Restylane Contour have a larger particle size. As a result, injections will provide sturdy structure to the midface, as well as reverse moderate to severe facial wrinkles. Specifically, both are a natural choice to:

    • Restore cheeks / cheek volume
    • Reverse midface contour deficiencies
    • Cheek augmentation
    • Diminish creases and folds
    • May also be used for nasolabial folds

Restylane Defyne Product and Uses

Defyne also works for moderate to severe facial wrinkles. However, it offers greater flexibility than Lyft or Contour. As a result, it will yield and mold more naturally to movement. Specifically, it’s great for hypermobile areas like the mouth and lower face. Injection with Defyne can work to:

    • Restore volume to nasolabial folds
    • Reverse marionette lines 
    • Diminish creases and folds 

Restylane Refyne Product and Uses

Flexible, like Defyne, Refyne also works for mobile areas like the mouth and lower face. However, a smaller molecular weight and softer profile makes it great for:

    • Diminishing fine lines and wrinkles 
    • Reversing finer marionette lines 

Restylane Silk Product and Uses

A smaller particle size gives Silk a soft profile. Specifically, injections with Silk are great for fine, detail work on the face including:

    • Reducing fine lines on the lips and around the mouth, around the eyes and on the eyebrow.
    • Lip augmentation
    • Plumping the lips
    • Restoring symmetry to the mouth
    • Diminishing vertical lip lines

Restylane Kysse Product and Uses

Restylane Kysse received FDA approval in May 2020, making it the newest filler on the block. With a softer profile, it’s designed for the lips and mouth. Specifically, as your mouth moves, the Kysse product will move with it. As expression changes, the lips will stretch and return. This makes it the best filler for lips to create a natural, softer appearance, including:

    • Fuller, more shapely lips
    • Enhanced lip symmetry
    • Improved lip texture
    • Smoother, more youthful lips

Restylane Lyft vs Contour? Silk vs Kysse? What’s the Difference?

We get it. As we outlined the face fillers above, some of their uses overlapped, right? So that naturally leaves you with the question “what’s the difference”? This is where we need to take into consideration:

  • Your individual anatomy
  • The extent of aging on your face
  • Your personal treatment goals 

Put simply, this blog is a great introduction to the wonderful world of fillers. With so many specialized fillers available, it’s important to schedule a consultation, in order to get specific about what’s best for you. 


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How to Find a Restylane Doctor / Provider Near Me? Where to Get Fillers?

As you can see from the information above, choosing the right face filler is involved. It’s important to find a reputable doctor who:

  • Knows which formulation will work for your particular skincare concern
  • Has experience knowing precisely where to inject product to get the cosmetic filler results you’re looking for 
  • Knows how much product to use, in order to reverse noticeable signs of aging
  • Can advise the right injection schedule to maintan and extend your facial filler results.

Our Medical Director, George Liakeas, MD ticks all these boxes. He’s been using Restylane and other cosmetic injectables for close to 20 years. Not only does he have an unparalleled knowledge of the specialized fillers on the market today, he also has an understanding of facial anatomy and where to place product to make you look your best.

Where to Get a Face Filler Near Me? Why Choose Smooth Synergy Medical Spa in NYC?

Conveniently located in Midtown East, Manhattan, New York, Smooth Synergy Cosmedical Spa has been in business since 2002. It’s this experience that makes us a leader in the field of nonsurgical cosmetic aesthetics. We offer a comprehensive menu of skin-restoring treatments that includes the complete line of facial fillers, including Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero. Book a consultation with our skin care specialists to help you decide which one is best for you. Call us at 212-397-0111 to speak with an expert in beauty and schedule a complimentary consultation.

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