PRP Facelift | PRP + Fillers NY

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prp facelift

PRP Facelift | PRP + Fillers NY

Pretty much everyone’s heard that Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP is a top treatment option for all kinds of skin concerns. It’s versatility should come as no surprise. After all, the protein-rich growth factors found in your own blood spark a strong process of skin repair. So what happens when you add a cosmetic filler, like Restylane or Juvederm, to PRP injection treatment and Microneedling with PRP? You get true anti-aging synergy that’s called the PRP Facelift. Here’s all you need to know about pumping up the volume with the best PRP Vampire Facelift in NYC:

What is a PRP Facelift? How Does it Work?

In a nutshell, the PRP Facelift includes a cosmetic filler like Restylane or Juvederm along with a PRP Facial. So why would you want to add a dermal filler to PRP Vampire Facial? The answer lies in how PRP injections and PRP with Microneedling work, as well as how a dermal filler can help them. Specifically, a Plasma Facial is one of the best treatment options to target both the surface and deep within the skin. 

Firstly, when it comes to the surface of the skin, PRP benefits are all about repairing damage including:

  • Reversing skin imperfections
  • Smoothing fine lines & wrinkles (photoaging)
  • Removing excess pigment (hyperpigmentation / age spots / brown spots and dark marks)
  • Evening out skin texture and tone
  • Diminishing scars and scarring caused by acne, trauma, surgery or burns
  • Revealing healthy, glowing and radiant skin

Secondly, at the deeper layers of the skin, PRP works to regenerate collagen and elastin production to fight skin aging, in order to:

  • Restore a youthful appearance to skin
  • Increase volume in the treatment area
  • Rejuvenate loose skin, sagging skin or droopy skin
  • Tighten, lift and firm skin, including deeper wrinkles, creases and folds
  • Smoothing out skin hollows

It’s this second place where a dermal filler works. It can help instantly boost the anti-aging benefit of PRP. Let’s drill down further to explain how and why:

What Happens When You Combine PRP and Fillers? What Results Can I Expect?

At the deeper layer of the dermis, PRP works gradually to tighten and lift sagging skin from the inside out. In order to do so, PRP sparks the body’s own natural healing process. The key word here is “gradually”. Specifically, it can take several months for this process to take effect, in order to restore lost volume to aging skin. On the other hand, a dermal filler will result in an instant lift and volume to sagging skin. Yes! You read that right: instant! The result? Combining an HA filler and PRP means true age-defying synergy.

PRP Facelift vs PRP Facial: What’s the Difference?

It’s very simple. The PRP Facial is a two-step process that includes:

  • Microneedling with PRP
  • PRP injections

The PRP Faceift is a three-step process that includes:

  • PRP Microneedles
  • Injections of PRP
  • A cosmetic injectable like Restylane or Juvederm

What is a Cosmetic Filler? What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid  (HA) is a naturally-occuring substance in the body. It’s responsible for keeping the skin plump and hydrated. As we age, our bodies produce less Hyaluronic Acid. Without enough of this nourishing element, elastin and collagen fibers struggle to provide support for the face. This results in wrinkles, saggy or drooping skin, hollows, creases and folds. 

An HA filler is a soft, gel-like substance that’s injected under the skin, in order to replenish lost hyaluronic acid. As a result, it can restore a youthful appearance for up to 18 months (depending on the filler and at full-correction). Results are instantaneous following treatment and can  include:

  • Adding volume to sagging skin
  • Enhancing contours
  • Smoothing deeper lines and wrinkles
  • Filling in creases, hollows and folds
  • Restoring the coveted V-Shape contour to the face

Additional benefits are specific to the area on the face, where a dermal filler is injected. For example, a filler can:

  • Smooth under eye circles
  • Plump thin lips
  • Soften smile lines
  • Tighten the jawline / sagging jowls

PRP Facelift Before and After: What Downtime, Side Effects and Recovery Can I Expect?

A PRP Facelift comes with minimal downtime and recovery, although pain tolerances are individual. The use of numbing cream generally makes it easily tolerated. Patients can typically return to normal activity following the procedure. It’s possible to experience temporary swelling, bruising, numbness, tenderness or redness, particularly at the injection site, which usually dissipates within a few hours to a few days. To minimize these side effects, topical icing is advised. You will leave with a post-care kit, which is very soothing and healing. To reduce visible redness, a mineral makeup called Oxygenetix is recommended at an additional cost. The esthetician can match the product to your skin. Sunblock is recommended after the procedure to protect the skin.

What’s the PRP Facelift Price? What Does a PRP Facelift Cost?

The price tag is another reason to combine a PRP Facial with a cosmetic filler. It’s more affordable to get a PRP Facelift than to get the two treatments separately at ala carte pricing.

Where to Get a PRP Facelift Near Me? Why Choose Smooth Synergy MedSpa in NYC?

Smooth Synergy Medical Spa & Laser Center is conveniently located in Midtown East, Manhattan New York (NY: 10022) with a comprehensive menu of the top nonsurgical skin tightening treatments to get rid of saggy skin and drooping. Opening in 2002, we have both the skill and experience to assure the best PRP Facelift in New York City. Call us at 212-397-0111 to find out whether PRP is right for you.

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