PRP Doctor: Choosing a Vampire PRP Specialist

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prp for skin rejuvenation

Kim K made Vampire PRP Therapy famous. Our PRP Doctor gets unparalleled results.

What’s our secret for making Smooth Synergy Medical Spa your go-to source for Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy like the Vampire Facial, Vampire Hair Therapy or Vampire BreastLift? It’s having the best PRP doctor in NYC!  Here’s why our on-site Medical Director provides superior Vampire results each time he performs a PRP treatment:

PRP Doctor — George Liakeas: Vampire Training

Dr. George Liakeas, Smooth Synergy Medical Director, holds the distinction of receiving training from the creator of Vampire PRP therapy for cosmetic use, Dr. Charles Runels. Why does this matter? Anyone can claim that they do microneedling with PRP. Only physicians certified by Dr. Runels are performing the Vampire procedures following his carefully researched, developed and FDA-cleared protocols. Additionally, the doctors (over 2000 in 54 countries) certified by Runels’ Cellular Medicine Institute are a truly collaborative group, dedicated to advancing the science of PRP. They contribute to and learn from each other through ongoing research, development and teaching.

PRP Doctor — George Liakeas: Vampire Training Course, NYC

On top of receiving Dr. Runels Vampire training, Dr. George Liakeas is one of a select few physicians, who are officially certified to teach other providers to perform the Vampire PRP Treatments, including the Vampire Facial, Vampire FaceLift, Vampire Hair Therapy, Vampire BreastLift, Vampire Wing Lift, O-Shot and P-Shot. What’s more Dr. Liakeas’ Vampire PRP Physician Certification Program is the only course offered in New York City. Through this program, Dr. Liakeas provides much needed access to the best of Dr. Runels research. In addition, Liakeas stays current on the latest technology and PRP injection technique, so that course participants graduate with unparalleled understanding and ability to perform cosmetic PRP therapies.

Put simply, why wouldn’t you choose the doctor who trains the PRP doctors in NYC?!

PRP Doctor — Dr. George Liakeas, MD: Bio

Dr. George Liakeas of Lexington Medical Associates and Smooth Synergy Medical Spa  is a board certified physician in NYC, a member of The American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and The American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association. He has been in practice for over 20 years and is a skilled cosmetic specialist, who performs results-oriented, nonsurgical aesthetic and rejuvenating procedures for both women and men. Areas of expertise include Botox Cosmetic; Cosmetic Fillers, including Juvederm, Radiesse and Restylane; as well as  the complete menu of Vampire PRP Therapy. He’s performed hundreds of PRP treatments on both women and men, including The Vampire Facial, Vampire FaceLift, Vampire Hair Therapy, Vampire BreastLift, Vampire Wing Lift, The O-Shot and P-Shot.

Dr. George Liakeas, MD: Reviews

PRP Therapy: Vampire Facial Reviews (Actual Client)

Dr. George and Marina (cosmetic esthetician) have been amazing to me! I have been doing the PRP combined with the microneedling for both my scalp and face. Both Dr. George and Marina have been so kind, patient and supportive! I have felt in good hands both professionally and on a personal level. They have taken a lot of their time with me and have never rushed. I most definitely recommend this lovely Med Spa, where you will see results and feel at home! I also have been doing other treatments there, and I plan on continuing to go to Dr. George and Marina for all their excellent services and care!!

PRP Treatment: O-Shot Reviews (Actual Client)

This was my second visit for the “O” shot.  I have been completely pain free since the first treatment. Because this has taken so well and I’ve had such great healing, I,  likely, won’t need further treatments for a couple of years. Dr. George gave me hope to be better. Thank you, Dr. George, so much.

Smooth Synergy is a Trusted Source for Vampire PRP Therapy

Our expert Medical Director, Dr. Liakeas, is just one of the many reasons to choose our spa. In 2002, Smooth Synergy Medical Spa opened its doors, as the first cosmedical spa in NYC. This experience gives us a distinct advantage in understanding how to care for your skin and provide you with the skincare results you desire. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive menu of nonsurgical, cosmetic aesthetic  treatments, including the Vampire Treatments. Call us at 212-397-0111 to speak with an expert in beauty. She will explain the Vampire procedure, Vampire costs and Vampire results, as well as create a customized treatment plan that’s right for you.

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