Best Face Forward: How To Prepare for a Facial Treatment in NYC

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At Smooth Synergy, we know that the perfect formula for the best facial includes expertly cleansing and nourishing your skin while luxuriously pampering you. We also consider your input part of the equation too. It’s simple. When you prepare for a facial, you help your esthetician help you achieve the skincare results you want. Here’s how to get ready for the best facial spa treatment in NYC:

What to do Before a Facial: How  To Prepare for a Facial

Timing is Everything

Our first skincare tip is to schedule your appointment based on your treatment goals. For example, if you book a facial with a focus on extractions, plan to come in when you don’t have anywhere to go afterwards. Likewise, if you are preparing for a big event, it’s a good idea to schedule your facial appointment a few days ahead of time to give your skin a chance to settle into the facial treatment. If you aren’t sure what’s the best time to come in, ask the receptionist while booking your appointment. She can make a recommendation based on your skincare needs.

 Plan Ahead

A few preparations ahead of time can make your facial go that much more smoothly. We recommend that you stay out of the sun and avoid tanning beds for a week before a facial to reduce the chance of skin irritation. Similarly, waxing or shaving up to 48 hours prior to a facial can lead to stinging or tingling during the treatment and breakouts following it. Retinols and any other topical skincare product with acid should be discontinued a few days before your facial to minimize redness and irritation.

 Come as You Are

Many people arrive for their spa treatment  apologizing that they’ve left their makeup on, or the opposite occurs. They come in having overly cleansed their face that day. Your esthetician wants to see what your face looks like on an everyday basis. It’s best to carry on with your normal skincare routine and arrive at your facial appointment the way you would typically greet the day. It gives your esthetician an idea of your skin’s normal hydration and oil levels. She can also get a sense of how the skincare products that you are using are working (or not working) for you skin.

 Know Your Skincare Needs

And feel free to communicate them to your esthetician. She wants to know whether the enlarged pores on your nose are particularly bothersome to you. Or, maybe, it’s the dark circles that have you feeling like a raccoon. Everyone has pet peeves about their skin that only they know. Your esthetician can only help take care of your particular skincare concerns if you let her in on your little secrets.

 Make a List

Or even a mental note of the skincare products you are currently using. The information may be useful for your esthetician to understand how and why your skin is behaving the way that it is. It will also help her make recommendations of product to add to your skincare regime that are best suited for your skin type.

Rely on Us: The Experts in Beauty

She’s called a professional estheticians for a reason. It’s her job to know which facial treatment and which skincare products will help you have the healthiest skin. So be open minded and take her advice about how to customize your facial treatment to meet your individual skincare needs, how to pick skincare product that’s right for you, as well as how to care for your skin after you facial treatment is over.

 Now….you’re ready to get your glow on!

You know how to prepare for a facial. It’s time to call Smooth Synergy at 212-397-0111 to find out about our comprehensive menu of facials and to book an appointment. Our facials offer deep cleansing, nourishing, and moisturizing treatment for the face, neck, and décolletage. All of our facials can be customized with any one of these add ons:

Sqoom eye treatment



Glow & go peel

Glycolic peel

Fruit Enzyme peel

Eye mask

Neck peel/TCA

Microcurrent eye lift

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