Post-Party Recovery for the Skin

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post-party recovery

Post-Party Recovery for the Skin | Nicole Contos Insider Tips

So many of you come into Smooth Synergy to get your glam on. And we love sending you on your way looking picture perfect. I’ve also got you covered after the celebration too. You know what I’m talking about: For those times when you might have raised one too many glasses of cheer. Or, perhaps, you’ve been caught on the wrong side of midnight. Here’s my guide Post-Party Recovery for the Skin to assure you look as fresh as if you’d stayed in and watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the hundredth time (My all-time fav. What’s yours?)

Two Pillows are Better than One

Double up and prop yourself up after a night on the town to drain excess fluid and reduce puffiness in the AM.

Cool It

Instead of pulling the covers over your head, take a five-minute cool shower to get the blood circulation going. Also, greet the day with two glasses of cool water to replenish the fluids in your body.

The Eyes Have It

Just like a bulls-eye, nothing zeroes in attention on lack of shut-eye than red, puffy eyes. Fortunately, it’s also a super, quick fix. Break out the eye drops to constrict blood vessels and brighten the eyes.

Windows to the Soul

Refresh your eyes with these makeup tricks. Use a concealer and mascara on the top lashes only to draw attention away from dark circles under the eyes. Make sure your eye shadow or liner doesn’t have a red undertone. Stick to colors in the blue spectrum, like gunmetal, blue or black, in order to camouflage redness. Finish the look by giving your top lashes a curl.

Foundation Gets a Pass

Foundation slips off dehydrated skin and doesn’t blend well. Opt for a tinted moisturizer instead to even out skin tone.

Blush is a Must

There’s nothing that says fresh more than a rosy cheek. A cream blush will add dewiness to dull, dehydrated skin.

Try Some Highlights

Strategically place a highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes, over your blush or on your brow bone for instant rejuvenation.

It Makes Scents

Revive yourself with a citrus-based scent,  known for its energizing properties.

Walk it Off

A midday stroll will invigorate you and increase blood flow in the face, bringing back a healthy glow.

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