Thinking about Cosmetic Surgery? Consider these Nonsurgical Options

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In the past, facelifts and cosmetic surgery were de rigeur for restoring a youthful look and rejuvenating the face. But more and more people are turning to nonsurgical anti-aging treatments instead. And, really, what could be better than these revolutionary advances in science and beauty? Noninvasive cosmetic procedures offer a whole host of advantages. From being faster and more affordable than plastic surgery to being safer and more natural looking, here’s more on nonsurgical alternative treatments:

1. Full Face Treatment

Cosmetic Surgery:

A traditional surgical facelift cuts away the loose skin on the the face to achieve its tightening effect. It’s considered major surgery that can take up to six hours with recovery time reaching upwards of 14 days.

Nonsurgical Alternative:

Ultherapy is focused ultrasound technology that goes directly to the same foundational layer of skin where the plastic surgeon would generally cut. Called the SMAS layer, this layer deep within the skin is heated to the optimal temperature to promote collagen production and elastin growth. The idea is to restore a sturdy structure to the face instead of cutting away at the skin. Like many noninvasive procedures, Ultherapy is considered a “lunch time” treatment, meaning it’s fast and offers little to no downtime in exchange for it’s anti-aging benefit.

2. Treatments for Lips

Cosmetic Surgery:

An implant is traditionally used to plump lips. An incision is made at each corner of the mouth. Then, a curved alligator clamp is used to create a tunnel through the lip. The implant is dragged through this tunnel and positioned underneath the lip fat and muscle. Sutures secure it in place. It will take at least a month for the implant to look presentable with it’s final shape settling in after several months. Postoperative care requires that patients use cold compresses on the area and sleep with their head elevated to combat swelling and bruising.

Nonsurgical Alternative:

Restylane Silk and Juvederm are hyaluronic acid fillers that are FDA approved. In general, fillers are an excellent noninvasive alternative to surgery to add volume to the face. Restylane Silk and Juvederm have a soft-gel profile, which makes them particularly appropriate for adding a subtle yet noticeable plump to the lips. They are often paired with a super-fine needle to reduce bruising on the sensitive skin of the lips, which minimizes downtime without sacrificing volume.

3. Treatments for Chin

Cosmetic Surgery:

Chin liposuction is the traditional method to reduce a double chin. While not major surgery like a surgical facelift, liposuction does require the doctor to use scalpels and lipo-tubes to remove fat from under the chin. Postoperative care often demands that the patient wear a compression garment for up to four days, in order to reduce the chance of a “seroma” (a collection of benign fluid under the chin).

Nonsurgical Alternative:

Kybella is an FDA approved injectable for double chin reduction. It works by physically destroying fat cells beneath the chin with the naturally-occurring molecule, deoxycholic acid. Kybella results are generally long-lasting with little to no downtime following this minimally-invasive procedure.

At Smooth Synergy, we offer a comprehensive menu of nonsurgical treatments to address every skincare concern. Please call us at 212-397-0111 to schedule a consultation with one of our experts in beauty and get a better understanding of which of our procedures is right for you.


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