Neck Botox to Treat Neck Bands / Platysmal Chords

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Neck Botox to Treat Neck Bands | How To Get Rid of Vertical Platysmal Bands

Turkey neck? Chin wattle? Hanging neck skin? Well, it certainly sounds bad! But, it doesn’t have to look bad! Seriously, Neck Botox is a top non-surgical procedure for skin aging on the neck. Today, we’re talking about Botox for vertical neck bands aka Platysmal neck banding. So, chin up, beauties! You don’t have to let a loose, saggy neck or vertical neck lines get you down. Here’s all you need to know to get rid of neck bands with Botox Injectable, courtesy of the best medspa in NYC:

What Causes Vertical Neck Bands / Platysmal Lines or Chording?

In a nutshell, we quite literally become thin skinned as we age. Sadly, this is particularly true of the skin under the chin and on the neck and chest. Specifically, these areas of the body are:

  • Thinner and more delicate than the rest of the body,
  • Have fewer oil glands that can repair skin,
  • Have less collagen and elastin, making the skin less firm and elastic,
  • Are more prone to sun damage and, thus, its resulting skin laxity.

Let’s drill down on the connection between thin skin and vertical neck bands.

What is Platysmal Neck Banding / Chords?

So how does thinning skin lead to vertical neck bands? Basically, as neck skin weakens and sags with age, the muscles underneath become more visible underneath. Specifically, it’s the Platysmal bands or Platysma chords that begin to protrude and create the dreaded “turkey neck” appearance. 

The Platysma is a pair of muscles that sits just under the skin in a thin broad sheet at the most superficial layer of muscle. When the chords become prominent, they can be seen running perpendicularly and vertically down each side of the neck from the chin into the chest area. Additionally, the area between the two Platysmal bands can appear sunken in or like a hollow, in relation to the bulging chords.

In addition to thinning skin and aging causing prominent neck bands, they can also be due to:

  • Genetics
  • Muscle strain due to exertion, such as exercise
  • Repeated contraction of this muscle group
  • Stress that causes muscle tension, even when the muscles are at rest
  • Medical conditions such as Facial Palsy

How To Prevent Vertical Neck Bands? How to Reduce Your Chance of Developing Platysmal Chords?

Simple lifestyle measures can help prevent vertical neck bands or keep them from worsening, including:

  • Avoiding repeated muscle flexion
  • Reducing neck strain 
  • Implementing stress-relief and relaxation techniques
  • Using broad spectrum sun protection daily
  • Including the neck area in your topical skincare routine

How to Get Rid of Vertical Neck Bands? How Does Botox for Neck Bands Help? Does Neck Botox Work?

The goal of Botox Neck Band Treatment is to soften and relax the Platysma muscles, so that they appear less prominent under the thinning skin. Basically, the same mechanism that makes Botox cosmetic so great for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles also makes it highly effective for reducing vertical neck bands. Specifically, Botox or Botulinum Neurotoxin temporarily blocks the nerve impulses to the muscle of the treatment area. As a result, the injections weaken the muscles’ ability to contract. Thus, the muscles will lie more smoothly under the skin.

What Before and After Results Can I Expect from Botox in the Neck? How Long Does Botox Last?

Smoothing of vertical neck banding typically results between 3-7 days after injection. Botox Neuromodulators work to temporarily reduce the appearance of neck bands for 3-6 months, at which point additional injections work to maintain results. 

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How Many Units of Botox for Neck Bands? How Much is Neck Botox? What is the Cost / Price?

We typically recommend injecting the Platysmal muscles with between 50-60 Botox units in the neck along strategic points on each side. However, the number of Botox units and the Botox price depends on:

  • individual anatomy,
  • the extent of aging skin on the neck, and
  • Individual beauty goals

Because of these factors, it’s always best to speak with an Expert in Beauty to determine Botox pricing for you. 

How to Find a Botox Doctor / Provider / Injector in NYC? 

We always recommend finding a doctor with a proven track record of injecting botulinum toxin on many patients. It’s the best way to get the Botox results you want after injection treatment.

Why Choose Botox at Smooth Synergy, NYC? 

Smooth Synergy’s Medical Director, Dr. George Liakeas, has 20 years experience administering cosmetic injectables. He’s a trusted medical physician with a keen eye for aesthetics. He knows how to make you look your best, because he understands facial anatomy and where to place product for natural looking Botox results. 

Where to Get Botox Near Me? Why Visit Smooth Synergy Medical Spa in New York City?

Smooth Synergy Medical Spa & Laser Center opened in 2002, as one of the first MedSpas in New York. Conveniently located in Midtown East, we have a 20 year track record of using cosmetic injectables like Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Jeauveu. To experience our skill, please call us at 212-397-0111 to speak with an Expert in Beauty. We offer complimentary consultations for all your skincare needs.

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