YAG Laser Hair Removal | ND YAG for Dark Skin Tones

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ND Yag laser

What is the YAG Laser for Hair Removal on Dark Skin Tones?

The ND: YAG Laser represents a major advancement in laser hair removal for dark skin tones. Specifically, at Smooth Synergy in NYC, we offer only the FDA-approved Candela YAG Laser — consistently ranked one of the best laser hair removal systems around. Here’s all you need to know about why it’s such a safe, effective and permanent hair removal solution for people of African American, Latin, Asian or Indian ethnicities. 

Why is the ND YAG Laser Best for Dark Skin Tones?

Wavelength of ND YAG

Unlike other lasers, the CandelaYAG GentleMax Pro can distinguish between dark skin color and dark hair color. By working at a higher wavelength of light than other competitors (typically 1065 nm), it can bypass the surface of the skin to target the hair follicle deep within the skin. As a result, it achieves two goals that are extremely important to successful laser hair removal:

  • Safety: It’s targeted beam of light is able to minimize the risk of damaging healthy surrounding tissue. Specifically, the higher wavelength protects against common side effects, such as hyperpigmentation (dark spots), hypopigmentation (light spots), blisters and scarring.
  • Effectiveness: A superior ability to penetrate energy to the hair follicle makes it more effective at physically destroying hair at its source.

Longed Pulse ND YAG Laser

In addition to the beam of light targeting the hair follicle so effectively, the Candela YAG offers what’s called a longed pulse. As a result, the YAG Laser device assures energy is delivered over a longer duration of time. This innovation means the beam does not come in contact with the epidermis of the skin as often. In a nutshell, fewer pulses means safer treatment.

Cooling System Specifically Designed by Candela

In general, there’s been concern that treatment with ND: YAG can be more painful than other systems. In order to minimize laser pain, the Candela System comes equipped with a dynamic cooling device (DCD). Milliseconds before each pulse, it sprays the epidermis with a cooling burst of cryogen in adjustable durations, thus, assuring a more comfortable procedure. 

ND YAG Laser Hair Removal vs Alexandrite? Which is Right for Me?

The Candela Gentle Max Pro system that’s offered at Smooth Synergy is two machines in one, including the ND YAG Laser and Alexandrite Laser.  Whether the ND YAG or Alexandrite is right for you depends on your skin tone, as follows:

Alexandrite: Typically for lighter skin tones, including Fitzpatrick Skin Tones I-III and possibly Fitpatrick IV.

ND YAG: Typically for tanned skin or darker skin tones, including Fitzpatrick Skintones IV, V, and VI.

Learn more about the Fitpatrick Skin Tone Classification Scale

Candela YAG Before and After? How Many Procedures are Needed?

A series of sessions is needed to achieve permanent hair removal. During each session, Laser Hair Removal will get about 80% of actively growing hair. Therefore, it usually takes 5-8 treatments to effectively treat one area.

ND YAG for Dark Skin Near Me? Where to Find the Best Candela YAG Procedure in NYC?

Smooth Synergy Medical Spa has been a leader in the field of hair removal since opening as the first Cosmedical Spa in NYC in 2002. Our over 16 years of experience coupled with our state-of-the-art Candela Gentle Max Pro system gives us a superior ability to  provide safe, comfortable and effective laser hair removal. Call us at 212-397-0111 to schedule an appointment with an Expert in Beauty. She can explain in detail how we achieve the best Laser Hair Removal results for dark skin. It might just be the permanent solution to unwanted hair that you’ve been looking for.

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