Message from the Owner | Nicole Contos, CEO & Founder, Smooth Synergy Med Spa NYC

As the founder of Smooth Synergy Cosmedical Spa, your beauty has been my passion since 2002. That’s why I’m constantly striving to improve on the high standards we’ve always maintained at Smooth Synergy Med Spa in New York City. Whether I’m staying current on the latest cosmetic advances or making sure your visit to our spa is impeccable and simply the best possible, every detail is designed with you in mind. I start by creating a relationship with you. I know that each woman’s or man’s skincare and beauty needs are unique. You deserve a spa experience that’s as individual as you are.

Let’s face it. We all put our minds and bodies through a lot in this fast-paced city. When you come into Smooth Synergy Spa, it’s my goal for you to find a place of refuge, where you can relax, catch your breath and entrust your beauty to the experts. When you leave Smooth Synergy, I want you to have more than just a fabulous beauty treatment. I want you to love your newfound beauty.

Yours in beauty,

Nicole Contos

Founder & CEO

Smooth Synergy Medical Spa, NY