Men’s Skincare Regime: Guide to Men’s Skincare

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Men’s Skincare at Smooth Synergy, NYC

It used to be that a man’s skincare regime consisted of either a quick splash of water in the shower or stealing a significant other’s face cream from the medicine cabinet. At Smooth Synergy, we’re happy to report that men are consistently upping their grooming and skincare game! According to the International Spa Association, men now account for almost half of spa visits! In honor of Father’s Day, we’re offering a Guide to Men’s Skincare with the best products and treatments for a man’s unique skincare needs. From getting rid of bacne to the best manscaping tools to banishing red, itchy razor bumps caused by shaving, check out how easy it is for tough guys to achieve smooth skin:

Men’s Skincare Problem: Shaving Issues

Shaving the face is a daily ritual that’s not without its pitfalls. For example, red rashes, razor bumps, and ingrown hair are all common men’s skincare issues that are caused by shaving the face with razors.

Men’s Skincare Regime Solution: How to Prevent / Repair Skin Damaged by Shaving

There’s an important first step before shaving to prevent skin irritation: preparing the skin. Specifically, this includes clearing the dirt and debris from the face with a gentle cleanser to avoid clogging pores. Then, apply a pre-shave oil to prevent cuts and abrasions. Once or twice a week, add an exfoliation treatment before the pre-shave oil. This will work to remove dead skin and keep pores clear. Further, not only will it make shaving easier, but it will also help get rid of ingrown hair problems.

Or banish shaving altogether. Laser Hair Removal is a permanent solution to unwanted facial hair, as well as any part of the body (see manscaping below).

Men’s Skincare Problem: Body Hair On Men

It goes without saying that men have more hair on their bodies than women. For many men, it comes in the form of unwanted body hair that they would like to get rid of altogether. They may find hair growing in places that make them self-conscious or that cause itchy discomfort — from out of their ears to covering their back to springing up from the tops of toes. What causes excessive body hair on men is an excess of the hormone Androgen. Also, body hair is linked to high Testosterone levels.

Men’s Skincare Regime Solution: Permanent Body Hair Removal for Men

Manscaping is on trend these days. And the best manscaping tool is a laser. Laser hair removal offers a permanent body hair removal for men. It can be used on many areas for men including: the head, face, ears, nose, chest, back, feet and private parts.

Men’s Skincare Concern: Men’s Hair Loss

Of course, then, there are the men who suffer from the opposite problem. They just can’t keep hair on their heads. Genetics and aging are mainly to blame; however, other contributing factors include: stress, diet and hormonal shifts that can cause hair loss and/or balding.

Men’s Skincare Solution: Men’s Hair Therapies

PRP hair therapy is a revolutionary treatment for fighting hair loss and thinning hair. Microneedling with PRP (aka Vampire Hair Therapy)  uses the healing power of the body’s own blood to promote hair growth. Plasma Rich Proteins are extracted from the blood and injected in the scalp to stimulate the hair follicle. These healing factors promote cell turnover and spark hair growth. Studies have shown that PRP hair therapy can slow or stop hair shedding, reverse hair thinning in male and pattern hair loss, accelerate hair regrowth and can even work for Alopecia Areata or spot baldness.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has been shown to result in thicker and stronger hair. It’s a cold laser that uses one part of the sun’s spectrum to deliver light energy to the scalp. This works to promote blood circulation, which delivers greater oxygen supply to the hair follicles. It’s been shown to be effective for everything from male pattern baldness to Alopecia.

Men’s Skincare Concern: Men’s Oily Skin and Acne

A common concern for men is oily skin. Many things, including a poor diet, genetics and hormonal shifts, can contribute to an overproduction of oil on the skin. These triggers signal the sebaceous glands to secrete oil on overdrive, which can lead to breakouts in the form of pustules, blackheads, whiteheads and enlarged pores. Combine that with the use of harsh, irritating products that aren’t right for a man’s skin type and you have a recipe for acne. Specifically, men are prone to bacne (back acne), caused by exercise, sweat, improper hygiene, and the fact that shape of the hair follicle on the back makes it more prone to causing clogged pores.

Men’s Skincare Regime Solution: Product and Treatments for Men’s Acne and Bacne Breakouts

Working with acneic skin requires committing to a routine skin care regimen. For the face, it  should include a twice-daily cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating with gentle yet effective ingredients. A great exfoliating ingredient to include in any skincare regime is diatomaceous earth, which is a fossilized phytoplankton. In addition, a facial provides monthly maintenance to keep skin fresh and toned, especially for hard-to-reach areas like the back. Other treatments that can help restore balance to acneic skin are chemical peels and microdermabrasion. It’s best to speak with a professional esthetician at Smooth Synergy to find out which spa treatment might be right for your acneic skin.

Men’s Skincare at Smooth Synergy

At Smooth Synergy, we know that each man has skincare needs that are unique to him. That’s why we offer a comprehensive menu of treatments that are designed to meet the needs of each client. An expert in beauty is here to create a personalized treatment plan that’s right each individual. Call us at 212-397-0111 to find out more.

And do you have dads (or men) in your life who deserve the spotlight for Father’s Day? Up their skincare game with our Smooth Skin for Tough Guys Facial. It’s fully customizable to meet his individual skincare needs and includes: a thorough cleansing, an exfoliation treatment, extractions, a soothing mask and a rejuvenating scalp massage. It’s on special for the month of June!

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