Laser Hair Removal for Face in NYC

The Best Laser Hair Removal for Face in NYC

There’s just no hiding unwanted facial hair. And shaving and waxing are temporary fixes at best. That’s why we offer the top laser hair removal for face in NYC. With the latest laser technology, you can free yourself from the pain and irritation of plucking or waxing. You can ditch the regular upkeep required of shaving and creams. You can say “never again” to stubble and ingrown hairs on the delicate skin of the face. So put your best face forward with this permanent solution for facial hair!

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Face
  • FDA Cleared
  • Quick and easy
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Less costly than a monthly waxing
  • Eliminates skin irritation, like razor bumps
  • Forget about facial hair altogether


Laser Hair Removal for face is the definition of a lunchtime procedure. It can usually be performed in 10 minutes, depending on the treatment area. A skincare professional will start by numbing the treatment area with a cream. Then, she will pass a handheld laser device over the treatment area to target thousands of hairs at the follicle. Typcially, in 5-8 sessions, 80% of facial hair will be gone permanently. 

We can effectively get rid of hair on any area of the face. Clients typically request treatment for facial hair on the:

  • Chin
  • Sideburns / Beard 
  • Upper Lip / Moustache 
  • Brow / Unibrow
  • Under the chin / Neck area
  • Hair line / Head 
  • Ears
  • Full face

Ingrown hairs on the face are a common occurrence. Shaving can actually make them worse. A highly effective solution is laser hair removal on the face. It’s simple: by destroying the hair follicle at its source, the hair doesn’t have the opportunity to grow back.

The skin on the face is delicate, so concerns about pain during Laser Hair Removal are understandable. For most areas, clients suggest that treatment feels like the snapping of a rubber band. Additionally, our licensed and experienced skincare professionals employ the following to minimize pain:

  • Dynamic Cooling System (DCD): Our Gentle Max Pro systems has a built-in cooling device (DCD) that sprays the epidermis with a cooling burst of cryogen in adjustable durations — milliseconds before the laser pulse. 
  •  Benzocaine Lidocaine Tetracaine (BLT) cream, which numbs the treatment area. 
  • Pro Nox, a solution for reducing the anxiety and pain of Laser Hair Removal.

The Gentle Max Pro machine has safety built into its design. It’s truly a next-generation laser system that miminizes the risks of side effects, such as burns and skin irritation. These features include:

  • A non-ablative laser that bypasses the surface of the skin to reach the hair follicle. 
  •  A higher wavelength of light than many of its competitors. As a result, the amount of energy dispersed into healthy surrounding tissue is diminished. 
  • A longer pulse duration or pulse width. This works to assure energy is delivered over a longer period of time — which means fewer pulses and less contact with the surface of the skin.


In a nutshell: precise targeting of the hair follicle and less contact with the epidermis translate into a safer treatment. 

Smooth Synergy Medical Spa prides itself on providing the best laser hair removal in NYC. Our Candela Gentle Max Pro machine is state-of-the-art and is used exclusively by our experienced, licensed estheticians. They can gently yet effectively target unwanted facial hair, and assure the Laser Hair Removal results for face that you’re looking for. Call us at 212-397-0111. An expert in beauty is here to answer all your questions and create a treatment plan that’s personalized for you.