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Ultrasonic Facial: Hydrate and Exfoliate for Clear, Beautiful Skin at Smooth Synergy NYC

One of the best face treatments in NYC, our Hydrating Ultrasonic Facial uses an ultrasonic scrubber brush to exfoliate the skin with our gentle fruit enzyme peel.

What is Ultrasonic Facial Treatment? How Does It Work?

Our own, exclusive hydrating serum, which is a fruit-enzyme peel that’s Vitamin E enriched, is penetrated with the scrubber’s ultrasonic waves into the skin. As this infusion is gently massaged into the skin by the wand, residue on the surface of the skin, including dirt, debris and dead skin cells, will be removed and the fresh layer of skin underneath will be revealed.  Additionally, following work with the Ultrasonic machine / spatula, the facial is made complete with our Oxygen Therapy Mask. Specifically, this treatment is one of the best options for lifting and hydrating the skin. Also including extractions, the total spa session will result in replenished and rebalanced skin.

What Ultrasonic Facial Before and After Benefits Can I Expect? What Results?

This face treatment is excellent for creating glowing healthy skin after one session. Specifically, it 

  • Softens pores,
  • Exfoliates skin to remove dirt, debris and dead surface cells,
  • Encourages cellular turnover,
  • Promotes blood circulation to the face,
  • Creates refined, clear and glowing skin,
  • Reverses photodamage,
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, and
  • Aids in skin renewal for a healthy-looking complexion.
Am I a Good Candidate For This Facial? Are There Side Effects?

This NYC facial is excellent for most skin types, including the most sensitive or damaged. Specifically, it’s generally free from any skin irritation or redness. That’s because it’s a gentle and safe noninvasive option for skin rejuvenation with no heat or needles.

Where to Get an Ultrasonic Facial Near Me? Why Choose Smooth Synergy Medical Spa in NYC?

Smooth Synergy MedSpa & Laser Center is conveniently located in Midtown East Manhattan with a comprehensive menu of facials including the Ultrasonic Facial. Founded in 2002, as the first cosmedical spa in New York City, we have the expertise and skill to provide you with the best Facial results by an experienced and licensed facialist / esthetician. Call us at 212-397-0111 to speak with an Expert in Beauty. She’s here so you can feel beautiful again with the best Ultrasonic Facial Treatment in NYC!

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