HRT with Bioidentical Hormones: Which Hormone Delivery System?

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HRT with Bioidentical Hormones

Best Hormone Delivery System for HRT with Bioidentical Hormones

So you’ve made the right choice by deciding on HRT with bioidentical hormones. Now, you need to know what’s the best hormone delivery system to ease your hormone imbalance symptoms. Here’s all you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of HRT delivery systems for optimizing hormone levels:

What is HRT with Bioidentical Hormones? Why Does the Hormone Delivery System Matter?

Hormone Replacement Therapy is designed to address the decline in hormone levels that naturally occur as we age. In previous blogs, we’ve addressed the clinical advantages of Bioidentical HRT over Synthetic HRT for restoring hormone balance. In a nutshell, that blog explained that bioidentical hormones match those made by the body, while synthetic hormones do not. But the type of hormone is just part of the equation for achieving superior hormone optimization. The hormone delivery system matters too. 

Let’s break it down further: Hormone delivery systems with bioidentical hormones come in four categories: HRT Creams or Gels, HRT Patches, HRT Pills and HRT Pellets.

HRT Creams or HRT Gels

Topical Bio-identical hormone creams or hormone gels are applied either to the stomach, inner thigh or inner wrist via a pre-measured syringe, typically, once or twice daily. As a result, hormones are absorbed through the skin (called transdermal delivery). This type of delivery system has several disadvantages, including:

  1. Patient must administer hormone on a daily basis, which contributes to lower compliance rates and, thus, less effectiveness.
  2. Hormone on skin can be washed off before it’s properly absorbed, while engaging in daily activities, such as showering and exercise.
  3. Hormone on the surface of the skin can be transferred to other people. This is of particular concern when hormone comes in contact with developing children.
  4. It’s difficult to gauge absorption rates of hormone through the skin, which acts as a natural barrier to penetration.
  5. Daily application means that hormones are not released in a steady stream, which can lead to a roller-coaster-like surge of hormones.

HRT Patches

Like HRT Creams and HRT Gels, hormones are absorbed through the skin with HRT patches. Typically, they are placed on the lower abdomen or buttocks. While the patch eliminates some of the problems associated with creams (see above), including some compliance issues, there are disadvantages to this type of delivery system as well, including:

  1. Irritation to the skin where the patch is applied.
  2. Patch can create a sticky residue that’s difficult to wash off.
  3. Slippage can be particularly concerning for oily skin.
  4. Heat, direct sunlight and tanning beds can cause the patch to release hormone too quickly, causing hormone surges.
  5. It’s difficult to gauge absorption / penetration rates of hormone through the skin.

HRT Pills

Hormone pills with BHRT are usually gelatin capsules that are taken orally, typically, once daily with food. The hormone is absorbed into the bloodstream through the disgestive system. Disadvantages include:

  1. Patient administration is required for treatment to achieve hormone regulation.
  2. There is concern that metabolism of hormone pills through the liver may put patients at greater risk for blood clots. 
  3. Metabolism of pills through digestive system can mean that hormone levels are not consistent throughout the day.

HRT Pellets

HRT Pellets wtih bioidentical hormones are the size of a grain of rice and are, typically, inserted by a physician in the upper hip or buttock area. BHRT Pellets have these advanages:

  1. No patient administration means an easy solution for reliable levels of hormones.
  2. No messy cream or patches makes the BHRT pellet protocol easier to manage on a daily basis.
  3. Because hormone is released in a steady stream into the bloodstream, the proper level of hormone is sustained over longer periods of time. 
  4. BHRT pellets can provide a consistency of hormone that may help alleviate the roller-coaster-like side effect commonly associated with hormone creams, patches and pills.

Where to find BHRT Providers Near Me? Where to find BioTE BHRT in NYC?

Smooth Synergy Medical Spa is proud to be at the forefront of regenerative medicine, offering patients BioTE BHRT pellet therapy for hormone optimization in our New York office. Contact Smooth Synergy at 212-397-0111 to make an appointment to discuss your BHRT medical options. As a certified provider of BioTE BHRT pellets, we can help provide relief from hormone imbalance symptoms with this superior hormone delivery system. And get you started on the road to physical, mental and emotional wellness!

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