How to Find an Esthetician in NYC

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Esthetician in NYC

Whether you come into Smooth Synergy to tackle a specific skincare concern or for some rejuvenation after a busy day (or, likely, a bit of both), your esthetician plays an essential role in making sure you walk out our door looking and feeling your best. Here’s more about these skincare professionals, who are here to help you achieve healthy, beautiful skin:

What is an Esthetician?

An esthetician is a state licensed health and wellness professional, who has studied the science of skincare and beauty, including skin physiology, microbiology and anatomy. She has been trained and certified in the practice of esthetics (or aesthetics), which means she can apply a whole host of techniques to the epidermal layer of the skin including performing facials, chemical peels, hair removal, microdermabrasion, body treatments and more. She also has the knowledge to assist a licensed physician performing procedures in a medical spa. In a nutshell, consider your professional esthetician a personal trainer for the skin!

How to Find a Good Esthetician in NYC

A skincare or beauty treatment is only as good as the esthetician who performs it. Here’s how to make sure your esthetician is clearly an expert in her field:

Look for Experience

Going to school and obtaining a license is only the first step in becoming a sought after esthetician. Spa experience helps an esthetician hone her craft in two ways. She gets better and better at performing skincare and beauty procedures, and she becomes more and more knowledgeable about specific skin types and skincare concerns. Be sure to ask how long she’s been working as a professional esthetician. An added tip is to find out how long she’s been at her current spa. A lengthy employment likely means the spa is a great place to work, and, by extension, a great place for you to have a skin or beauty treatment.

Search Online

Estheticians have reputations just like physicians and hair stylists. And, nowadays, it’s easier than ever to find information about a spa or an esthetician. Visit sites like Yelp or the spa’s website to read client testimonials.

Ask a Friend

Even a quick post on Facebook asking for a recommendation of an esthetician will likely garner some response. Just remember that not all skin types are the same. So the esthetician who, for example, has treated a friend’s acne might not be right for someone who has highly sensitive skin.

Book a Consultation

Consider the consultation like a first date. You want to make sure that the esthetician is the right fit for you. After the consultation, you should feel comfortable in the esthetician’s hands, feel confident in her knowledge of her field and feel assured that she understands your specific skincare objectives. That means a give and take between you and the esthetician during the consultation. Be vocal about your needs and make sure that the esthetician is listening and understands. Likewise, she should be asking you questions, gathering information about your current skincare regime and conducting skincare assessments to understand your skin. At the end of the consultation, she should be able to recommend a customized treatment plan that meets your individual skincare needs, your treatment goals, as well as your budget.

Where to Get Great Skincare?

Call Smooth Synergy at 212-397-0111 to book a consultation or make an appointment with one of estheticians, who truly are our experts in beauty. They are here to make an personal evaluation of your skincare needs and create a plan to meet your desired skincare outcomes.


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