Why is hair so important to women?

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Why is hair important

Why is hair so important to women?

Throughout history, it’s been important to women. Today, in some Latina
cultures, hair is considered sacred. I think it’s because hair is so
intimately tied to how we see ourselves and how we present ourselves to the
world. I always feel like you can be in a beautiful gown, but you won’t
feel fully confident and beautiful until your up-do is exactly the way you
want it. That’s when you feel complete.

Why are we reluctant to change our style over the years, or even decades?

Women are often reluctant to change our hair, because of our emotional
attachment to it. It can become almost like a security blanket, kind
of like ‘the devil you know’.  It can be hard to give over control to a
stylist, when hair is so personal and feels like such a major part of how
we define ourselves. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘It’ll grow back’. It’s
true, but what’s also true is that we’ve all had to suffer through waiting
a year of so after a bad haircut. It’s hard feeling like the ‘you’ who you
see in the mirror doesn’t match how you feel inside or what you want to
portray to the world.

What are usually the ‘turning points’ in which women are ready to make a
major change with their hairstyle?

Most women come to Smooth Synergy saying, ‘I need a change’. Maybe, they’re
bored and are looking for a way to jumpstart their life. Maybe, they’re
starting a new chapter in their life, perhaps a new baby or job or turning
50. Maybe, they’ve ended a relationship. A new hairstyle can signify a new
beginning or a newfound sense of freedom. The symbolic power of hair cannot
be overstated.

How can a woman get passed the fear of changing her hairstyle?

I think there are many strategies that can help a women get passed her fear
of changing her hair. You can start by creating a trusting relationship
with your hairstylist. If you have confidence both in your hairstylist’s
ability and that he or she understands who you are and what you want,
you’ll feel less anxious about giving over control to him or her. You can
also remember that you don’t have to make a drastic change to your hair.
You can start slow, maybe, cut off a few inches and see how you feel. I
also think mindset is important. Focusing on the liberating power of a
haircut can help mitigate some of your anxiety. I tell women to remember
that change can be a good thing. It can open you up to new possibilities in
your life.

How does having great hair make us feel more confident?

Great hair makes us feel beautiful. That’s what translates into confidence.
I always tell my clients, I want you to leave Smooth Synergy with more than
a fabulous beauty treatment, I want you to have the inner confidence that comes
from looking and feeling your best. It’s no accident that hair is often
called our crowning glory!

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