Glycolic Peels: What Do Peels Do?

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Glycolic Peels NYC

Mandelic? Pyruvic? Glycolic Peels? Which chemical peel is right for you? Smooth Synergy NYC offers a comprehensive menu of facial peels in a variety of formulations. Today, we’re highlighting the skin-restoring benefits of one of them. Find out if a glycolic peel is best for your particular skincare concern and if it will work for your skin type:

What Do Glycolic Peels Do?

In general, chemcial peels exfoliate the skin with a chemical solution. In a glycolic peel, that solution is glycolic acid. Glycolic acid will peel to different levels of the skin. It all depends on the concentration of acid used, the number of coats applied and the time the glycolic acid sits on the skin. Part of the alpha-hydroxy (AHA) family, glycolic acid is a natural fruit acid that’s derived from sugar cane. It’s considered a gentle acid, meaning that a glycolic peel is suitable for most skin types and requires no downtime following treatment.

Glycolic Peel Procedure: What are the Steps?

When glycolic acid is applied to the face, it removes the top layer of older, rougher and dryer skin and reveals the fresh layer beneath for a more youthful and fresh appearance. Since glycolic peels come in different strength formulas, they provide great versatility. For example, a person can start with a peel with 30 percent glycolic acid, as a gentle exfoliation method. While building up tolerance, they can move their way up to a 50 percent glycolic peel. As a result, they will see more noticeable results or be able to target a specific skincare concern. Specifically, 30-50% glycolic peels are only available at a physician’s office or a medical spa like Smooth Synergy. 

Glycolic Peel Results

A glycolic peel has many benefits for the skin. First, it can diminish fine lines and wrinkles, nourish and hydrate the skin, even out skin tone and improve the texture of the skin. Further, it can clear oil and acne from the skin and unclog pores. And, last, a glycolic peel can be paired with a facial for perfect synergy. By starting with a facial, the skin will be like a clean slate for a chemical peel, which will boost the peel’s ability to exfoliate the skin.

Smooth Synergy NYC Chemical Peels

A glycolic peel is just one of nine different formulations of chemical peels offered by Smooth Synergy. To find out which facial peel is best for you, call us at 212-397-0111. An expert in beauty is here to customize an exfoliating treatment plan that’s right for your particular skin type and skincare concern.


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