Fanny Facial, NYC: Butt Toning Treatment

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Smooth Synergy, NYC: Creators of the Fanny Facial

Let’s talk about the famed Fanny Facial for a tight toned tush. It’s a go-to treatment to lift and contour sagging skin and a dimpled butt. But who exactly came up with the idea to use a non-face facial to smooth skin on your booty? Our very own, NIcole Contos, Founder and CEO of Smooth Synergy, created the Fanny Facial in NYC in 2005! We sat down with her to get the low-down on this bottom buster to highlight your best assets:

What is the Fanny Facial Treatment? Will it Make Butt Fat Diminish or Disappear?

The Fanny Facial is a body facial that I designed to sculpt and define the derriere. It’s a three-step process whose main action is Microcurrent therapy. To put it simply, a Microcurrent body treatment tones the butt like a workout. But, here’s the kicker, you get that lift to sagging buttocks without having to go to the gym!

What Gave You the Idea for This Butt Toning Treatment?

Smooth Synergy has always been about full-body beauty. We have a complete menu of body lifting and contouring treatments to combat everything from cellulite to unwanted fat to loose or crepey skin on many areas of the body. So the Fanny Facial was a natural extension of our skincare philosophy. But I have to confess, it also came from what you might call slightly more selfish motivations. Everyone has an area of stubborn fat that they want to get rid of. Maybe, it’s flabby arms or a muffin top. For me, it was loose skin and dimples on my butt. I created the Fanny Facial for me and clients like me, who wanted to get rid of saggy, dimpled skin on their bottoms. You could say I take each success with the Fanny Facial very personally!

What Fanny Facial Results Can I Expect? / Will It Get Rid of Saggy Butts?

If you exercise your glutes at the gym, you’ll notice an immediate tightening and toning of the backside. The Fanny Facial works similarly. You will notice a smoother, tighter and more toned bum immediately following treatment. However, just like working out, the effects of the Fanny Facial are cumulative. After a series of sessions, collagen and elastin will develop and you will see increased skin elasticity and a more sculpted and contoured derriere.

What Happens During a Fanny Facial Treatment?

The entire treatment takes about 45 minutes. We start by exfoliating the skin with our Nicole Contos Papaya Mint Scrub to dissolve surface debris and detoxify the skin. This works in tandem with Microcurrent Therapy, which is the real heart of the Fanny Facial treatment. Microcurrent therapy works by mimicking your body’s own electrical currents and delivering a very low-voltage of precise electrical current to the skin and muscle. This process jumpstarts the body’s regenerative ability, much like a workout would. As a result the skin, fat, muscle and connective tissue, as well as the circulatory and lymphatic systems, have more energy to restore the area. Finally, we finish with a firming and toning cream to encourage further lifting of the butt.

Does the Fanny Facial Have Pain, Side Effects or Downtime?

The Microcurrent therapy is delivered to the skin and muscle through pads placed on strategic areas on the butt and thighs. The esthetician will adjust the levels, according to your own feedback. So you are completely in control of how a session feels. In general, patients usually experience a pulling up of the skin on the butt area, as the pads contract and release. Many remark that it feels like a “workout for their backside”. There is no downtime following treatment.

How Often to Get a Fanny Facial Treatment for a Toned Butt?

Again, just like a workout, the more you do the Fanny Facial, the better the butt toning results. The great thing about the treatment, though, is once you’ve achieved the look you want on the backside, it’s easily retained with a maintenance program.

Is the Fanny Facial the Only Treatment to Lift Saggy Butts?

Smooth Synergy offers many body contouring treatments, because we know that each person’s body concerns, treatment goals and budgets are unique. I always tell people to call or make an appointment for a consultation. We really pride ourselves on truly listening to your needs, which means creating personalized  treatment plans that are right for each individual. Maybe, that’s a Fanny Facial Treatment, or, maybe, we’ll recommend Endermologie or Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation for cellulite reduction. It all depends on which body contouring treatment we think will work for you.

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More About Nicole Contos, Founder and CEO, Smooth Synergy

In 2002, Nicole Contos created the first Cosmedical Spa in New York City. Since then, your beauty has been her passion. From body contouring to nonsurgical facial procedures to the Nicole Contos Line of skincare products, her aim in every detail is your comfort, satisfaction and confidence. Her goal is for you to leave Smooth Synergy with more than a flawless beauty treatment. She wants you to have the inner confidence that comes from looking and feeling your best. To connect with an expert in beauty for guidance on body contouring or for more information on our comprehensive menu of treatments, call Smooth Synergy at 212-397-0011.


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What Sets Smooth Synergy Apart?

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Nicole Contos, Founder and CEO, is here for you. All questions are welcome. No request is too small. Her aim? Total Beauty. All You!

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