Endermologie or Coolsculpting for Cellulite?

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Endermologie or Coolsculpting

Best Treatment for Cellulite Reduction?

Endermologie or Coolsculpting

Clients who want an effective solution for cellulite reduction often ask us, “Will Coolsculpting get rid of cellulite” or “Which treatment is better for cellulite: Endermologie or Coolsculpting”. It’s time to set the record straight on Endermologie vs Coolsculpting. To be clear, Coolsculpting is not the correct procedure to treat cellulite. On the other hand, Endermologie (also called Lipomassage) is specifically approved by the FDA to treat cellulite. The difference between Endermologie and Coolsculpting has to do with the anatomy of fat on the body, and how the Endermologie machine attacks it. Here’s why Lipomassage is the best treatment for cellulite:

Endermologie or Coolsculpting: What’s the Anatomy of Cellulite?

Simply put, cellulite is fat that pushes through the superficial bands within the skin. More specifically, fat cells grow together in clumps that are separated by thick bands of collagen called septai. These bands of connective tissue hold the fat in compartments and tether the skin down to its deeper structures. As the fat grows, it balloons up over these fibrous cords and against the dermis of the skin. A good illustration is to think about how ice freezes in an overfilled ice cube tray. The bulging ice represents cellulite; while the rigid tray compartments are the connective tissue. As a result of this process, cellulite creates a skin texture that’s dimpled and uneven with visible pockets of fat that protrude through the surface level of the skin.

Endermologie or Coolsculpting: Which Treatment is Right for Cellulite?

In order to effectively treat cellulite, it’s necessary to break down the compartments (septai)  themselves, in order to smooth out the surface of the skin.

Coolsculpting cannot target this connective tissue. In fact, it’s neither approved nor marketed to improve cellulite. It’s used to target discrete areas of fat at deeper levels of the body. On the other hand, Endermologie is an FDA-approved treatment for cellulite that stretches and loosens the septai, in order to smooth and improve the surface quality of skin.

How Does Endermologie Work on Cellulite?

Endermologie makes use of a scientific principle called negative pressure massage. Two motorized rollers knead and massage the tissue, while a suction chamber applies variable suction to the skin. The network of connective tissue that holds the bulging fat is gently stretched, which promotes fresh and new collagen and elastin. As a result, the septai relax and the surface of the skin appears smoother.

Endermologie Results: What Results Can I Expect from Lipomassage?

Some smoothing and toning benefit can be seen immediately from Endermologie treatment. However, most clients choose to come in more regularly to target stubborn areas of cellulite. We generally recommend a series of 10 sessions, followed by a maintenance program to be determined by you and the technician. After a series of sessions, you will see increased skin elasticity and a reduction in cellulite. Another benefit is that Lipomassage stimulates lymphatic drainage, which removes toxins from the body and aids in fat metabolism.  

Where to Find Endermologie / Lipomassage Near Me? What’s a Good Endermologie NYC Provider?

Smooth Synergy Medical Spa in New York City offers a comprehensive menu of body contouring solutions, including Endermologie, Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation, Fanny Facial and Microcurrent Body Lift. Please call us at 212-397-0111 to book a complimentary consultation. An expert in beauty will listen to your concerns and create an individualized treatment plan that’s right for you.

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