Debunking 11 Skin Myths So You Glow!

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Debunking Skin Myths: Don’t let yourself be fooled by myths about your skin! 

You want to do everything you can to protect your skin, so this is the moment to ensure you know your stuff. Here are 11 common misconceptions about how to care for your skin:

Use a separate sunscreen and moisturizer.

Nope, not necessarily! The sunscreen already adds moisture to your skin, so if your skin is oily it may be best to stick to the sunscreen only.

Choose skincare products for your age.

Fighting visible signs of aging is important for everyone, but don’t mistake your age for your skin type! A person in their 80s can have the same type of skin as someone in their 30s, so figure out what works for you, not your age range.

Only use sunscreen when it’s sunny.

Clouds aren’t enough to protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and neither is makeup with an SPF. The average person would need to put on 14 to 15 times the normal amount of makeup to be protected! Ensure you use sunscreen every day, under your makeup.

Clean your skin as often as possible.

Actually, you shouldn’t. Skin produces its own oily, natural barriers, which can be broken down with the overuse of scrubs and cleansers. Limit your face washing routine to once or twice per day to allow your skin a break.

Open your pores using hot water.

It’s impossible to open your pores! They don’t have muscles allowing them to open and close. But steaming can loosen debris and you can make pores appear smaller by removing excess sebum, debris and makeup.

Use hypoallergenic products on sensitive skin.

There is no regulatory definition of the term ‘hypoallergenic’, and this means that there is no guarantee a product that claims to be hypoallergenic will work for you. If you are very sensitive, try testing the product on a small patch of skin, and look out for ingredients you know will affect your unique skin type.

Avoid binging on junk food.

Fatty food can affect your health and your skin, but not all binges cause spots. Avoid high-glycemic foods, such as bread and sugar, as the high glucose content in these foods can trigger breakouts.

Use lavender to calm skin.

Lavender can have a soothing effect, but it will also make your skin photosensitive. If you use lavender, you should always make sure to use sunscreen.

Do facial exercises to prevent wrinkles.

Unfortunately, this won’t work. Facial exercises will actually cause wrinkles. Like the lines on a piece of paper that’s been folded again and again, wrinkles will become permanently etched in your skin.

You have the same skin as your mother.

Good genes can help, but more than half of skin aging is related to behavioral factors. If you regularly go for a tan and your mother avoids the tanning booth, this may lead to a considerable difference later in life.

Take care of your skin.

This isn’t exactly a myth, but it is also not enough! You should be looking after your entire body in order to protect your skin. Get plenty of sleep (your body repairs and rejuvenates itself while asleep), exercise, eat well and take care of your mental health—this will pay dividends when it comes to your skin health.

These simple steps will support you on your way to beautiful skin. Prevention and maintenance are always better than searching for a cure, and living a healthy lifestyle will go a long way towards protecting your skin. Everyone’s skin type is unique, so try different methods to figure out what works for you! Smooth Synergy can help!

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