Can You Wear Makeup After Botox? Microneedling? Chemical Peel?

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can you wear makeup after

Can You Wear Makeup After Botox? Microneedling? Chemical Peel? Other MedSpa Treatments?

Can you wear makeup after (fill in the blank) treatment at Smooth Synergy? It’s a great question because, of course, you want the best results from your spa procedure. And, it certainly is possible for makeup to interfere with important things like the recovery process, skin healing and treatment outcomes. That said, it’s not always the case. In today’s post, we’re breaking down makeup do’s and don’ts by treatment. From Botox to Microneedling to Chemical Peel and more, here’s if and when you can apply makeup after…

Does Makeup Impact Recovery or Results? Why Can’t You Wear Makeup After Certain MedSpa Treatments? 

Yes, makeup can impact recovery and results. And the reason why is simple: makeup contains either an oil or mineral base. With some treatments, this base has the potential to:

  • Clog pores,
  • Interfere with the skin’s natural shedding process, and/or 
  • Impede skin healing

However, note that we said recovery and results for some treatments. Let’s break it down further:

Can You Wear Makeup After Microneedling? How Soon Can I Apply Makeup?

Our general rule of thumb for Microneedling is to discontinue use of makeup for 48-72 hours, so the skin can recover from microinjury. This advice even applies to tinted moisturizers or sunscreens. By sticking to this timeframe before applying any kind of makeup, the top layer of skin can breathe and heal. In addition to makeup, it’s important to avoid exfoliating agents like Retin-A, alpha or beta hydroxy acids, toners or any irritating creams / acids on the treatment area for one month.

What Can I Put on My Face After Microneedling?

You may use a gentle cleanser, moisturizer or topicals with skin-nourishing actives, such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E or Niacinamide, immediately following treatment. In fact, we strongly recommend keeping the skin hydrated, in order to encourage both recovery and results following Microneedles. 

Can You Put On Makeup Following a Chemical Peel?

Like Microneedling, we recommend discontinuing use of makeup for 48-72 hours, so that the peeling process can begin unimpeded. After this timeframe, mineral makeup is recommended, if necessary. It’s also important to note that water should not be applied to the face for five hours after facial peels. 

What Can I Apply to My Face Post Facial Peel?

The peeling process can take up to seven days. During this time, it’s important to treat the skin gently. Specifically, a mild cleanser may be applied to your fingertips with tepid water and gently massaged onto the face in circular motions. Additionally, a healing and soothing moisturizer is essential for the duration of the healing process.

Is It Okay to Wear Makeup After Botox or Filler?

Cosmetic Injectables such as Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Jeuveau and Dermal Fillers, such as Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero and Radiesse, are fairly simple and straightforward treatments with minimal recovery or aftercare required. We typically recommend avoiding makeup at the injection site for four hours. After that timeframe, mineral makeup is preferred, particularly if there’s any swelling at the injection site/s. You typically can follow your regular topical skincare routine. However, you should avoid anything harsh, such as physical exfoliants at the injection site/s, until they have fully healed. 

Can You Use Makeup After a Facial?

Post facials, the majority of clients should wait 24 hours before wearing makeup. That way, your fresh, clean pores will get a chance to breathe. However, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all rule about make up following a facial. First, each facial treatment is different with formulations tailored to your skin type, skin needs and beauty goals. Therefore, facial results will be different depending on the type of facial. Second, your facial will be based on your particular skin, and so will your skin’s reaction following treatment. For example, if you’ve had many extractions, you may want to avoid makeup on these specific areas until they’ve healed. 

Is Makeup Application Fine After Ultherapy? Radiofrequency? PDO Threads?

Typically speaking, you may apply makeup, as well as follow your typical skincare regimen, without impacting recovery or results with Ulthera, Radiofrequency and PDO threading. If you have any post-treatment side-effects that concern you, we advise either forgoing makeup until they’ve resolved or calling us for advice about what’s best for your individual situation. (BTW, this advice holds true for any need/s that may arise following any treatment with us!)

What’s the Best MedSpa Near Me? Why Choose Smooth Synergy Medical Spa in NYC?

Smooth Synergy MediSpa is conveniently located in Midtown West, Manhattan. We’ve been in the business of noninvasive aesthetic solutions since 2002. This experience gives us a distinct advantage in assessing your skin to figure out what will work for you. Take advantage of our skill, education and expertise by scheduling a consultation with one of our Experts in Beauty. She will explain our comprehensive menu of treatments, answer all your questions as well as help you figure out what treatment/s are right for you.

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