Botox Jowl Lift : Does Botox for Jowls Work?

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botox for jowls

Botox for Jowl Area | Can a Botox Jowl Lift Work?

It seems to happen overnight: one look in the mirror and you find yourself longing for the crisp, defined jawline of your youth. The truth is drooping, sagging jowls are the result of what’s been happening under the skin over time. The good news is that there are many highly effective nonsurgical treatments to fix or help with jowl reduction. Recently, we’ve seen an uptick in requests for Botox for jowls. In today’s post, we’d like to separate fact from fiction. We’re drilling down on whether getting rid of jowls with Botox is possible:

Botox Jowl Lift : Does It Help Sagging Jowls?

Before we get to Botox for jowls, let’s discuss the common issues that cause saggy, droopy jowls. As we age, the sturdy structure that once held our skin in place gives out. The key elements that provide support to the face no longer work effectively or efficiently. Specifically, our skin thins; we experience bone loss; fat stores diminish; collagen and elastin don’t replenish like they used to. As a result, the skin sags like a balloon deflating, and we experience volume loss on the lower face. Eventually, the coveted inverted triangle that’s a hallmark of youth is lost — only to be replaced with skin sagging and drooping jowls.

How Does Botox Work for Jowls? 

You’re likely here because you’ve read that Botox can tighten and lift the jaw line. It seems intuitive that it could : After all, when this cosmetic injectable is placed under the skin, it works to relax the muscles along the area. In theory, the muscles that attach to the skin on the jaw would no longer be able to pull the skin down. The key words in this sentence are “in theory”. In truth, the Botox results for jowls would not be effective enough to make it worth it. In short, it’s not a treatment that we recommend to our clients at Smooth Synergy. This is particularly true because there are so many other non-surgical options for fixing the jowl area, which can achieve better results than this cosmetic injectable.

Filler or Botox for Jowl Lift? What is the Best Treatment to Fix Sagging Jowls?

The best treatments for the jowl area are the ones that work to restore volume loss, in order to achieve a more contoured and sculpted look. The two treatments of choice to achieve this goal are: 

  1. Dermal fillers, which make use of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that we progressively lose as we age, in order to boost collagen and elastin production. 
  2. Ultherapy achieves the same goal through the use of safe, time-test ultrasound technology.


It is worth noting that Botox for the jawline is effective for face reshaping, which is a completely different beauty goal than restoring lost volume to sagging jowls. Read more about Botox for Masseter Muscle Reduction.

Why Choose Smooth Synergy Med Spa for Jowl Reduction?

At Smooth Synergy NYC, we offer a comprehensive menu of skin-restoring treatments to diminish the appearance of sagging jowls, including Ultherapy, Cosmetic Fillers and RF Microneedling. Please call us at 212-397-0111 to find out which anti-aging treatment option is right for you to restore definition to your jawline.

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