Best Ultherapy Treatment Areas

Top Ultherapy in NYC | Best Ultherapy Treatment Areas

With no downtime, no surgery, no foreign substances, Ultherapy offers a quick 30-60 treatment to gradually and naturally lift and tighten skin. Isn’t it time to take on the effects of gravity on your own terms? It’s possible with  Smooth Synergy Medical Spa in NYC and Ultherapy Skin Tightening! Learn more about the best Ultherapy treatment areas and how to address your specific skincare concerns.

Safe. Natural. Non-Invasive.

Ultherapy is the best noninvasive option on the market to lift, firm, tone and rejuvenating loose and sagging skin. Using time-tested ultrasound technology, it gently heats the subcutaneous tissue to spark the body’s natural regenerative ability. By inducing collagen and elastin production, it restores the scaffold of connective tissue that holds the skin in place. This regenerative process works over time to reverse visible signs of aging. Specifically, Ultherapy is highly effective at lifting and tightening saggy skin, smoothing wrinkles, as well as restoring volume to deep furrows and creases.

Targeted. Precise. Customized for You.

One of the top advantages of Ultherapy is that treatment can reach three distinct depths of tissue deep within the skin. As a result, the practitioner performing Ultherapy has great flexibility to customize treatment for you. Specifically, she can adjust the depth of treatment to suit your unique composition of skin to fat, as well as meet your individual beauty goals. Additionally, she uses ultrasound imaging to see below the skin and deliver the healing energy precisely where it’s needed. 

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